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Ways to Keep on Your Diet When a Busy Family Schedule Is Distracting

These days, it seems as if there are hundreds of diets that claim to be better than the rest. Some rely on liquids or massive body cleanses, while others promote eliminating a food group such as carbohydrates or proteins. However, some diets promote a moderate approach of making one or two healthy changes in diet teamed with regular exercise.

Problems with dieting for busy mothers:

When busy mothers look at the wide selection of diet plans being promoted, they may feel overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information presented to them. Another classic problem that women, and particularly mothers, find is that it is difficult to fit the many rules of a new diet into their busy schedules. Numerous family activities can be distracting and can take up every spare minute, leaving mothers stressed and too tired to follow a confusing minimalistic diet plan that uses recipes with specialty ingredients or other time-consuming measures. However, a busy woman can still find a way to stay on her diet by following one or more of the following smart tips that focus on moderation and planning.

Tips for staying on a diet as a busy mother:

             Having healthy snacks on hand at all times will make it easier for a woman to choose healthy over sugar or fat-filled treats. It is a classic rule that a busy, stressed person who is hungry will choose whatever is easiest to grab. Therefore, stocking the house with healthy choices like granola bars or dried fruit instead of chips or cookies is a smart move.

             Cutting up fruits and vegetables as soon as they are brought home from the store is another tip that pairs well with the first. Some women will avoid eating fruit simply because cutting it and preparing snack-sized portions each day takes precious time. Instead, pre-cut these healthy and tasty snacks in personal portions for easy snacking.

             The woman could also make a list of reminders as to why she wants to lose weight and post it in easily-seen areas around the house. This will help her remember why weight-loss is a priority.

             Making a weekly menu will also help. First, the busy mother will be able to plan her shopping list and have all the healthy ingredients on hand. Secondly, having a plan like this already in place makes it much harder to break when she finds herself tempted with an easy yet unhealthy meal.

             Snacking should never be done mindlessly. Oftentimes, a busy or stressed woman will find that she has unknowingly filled her stomach with whatever food was handy at the time, simply as a way to cope with her stress. Instead, she should only snack after first thinking about whether or not she is truly hungry.

             Making a weekly weigh-in a priority will keep the woman accountable for her weight while not allowing her to stress over each pound as much as she would with a daily weigh-in.

             Working healthier foods into the family menu is not as difficult as it may seem these days. Today’s grocery selection makes it easy to choose whole grain cereals, pastas and rice, while many juices are packed with servings of fruits and vegetables.

             Eating protein at every meal for long-lasting energy will decrease the number of snacks that the woman will want to eat between meals.

             If the busy mom does find herself hungry between meals, she should fill up on fiber. Fiber does not add many calories, but is great at filling up the stomach. Many fresh fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains are filled with healthy fiber.

             Having a filling breakfast every morning will help a busy mother avoid snacking while helping her to start her day out right. The right breakfast can really set the tone for the rest of the day.


A woman with a hectic family life does not have to assume that dieting is not for her. With a few simple changes, she can choose to make healthy decisions with her diet. A diet does not have to take up every minute of a person’s life. Instead, it can be accomplished with balanced meals, healthy snacking and a measure of mindfulness.

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Ron Thompson writes for Del-Immune V® Delpro, a unique probiotic supplement made from the lactobacillus rhamnosus which is a natural immune system booster.

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