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Okay, this may be a bit embarrassing, but I have a secret; my bladder is NOT what it used to be. After having multiple pregnancies, sometimes I am worried to laugh too hard or even sneeze. Now, I know I am not alone in this since 1 in 4 ladies experience light bladder leakage.

Another issue I have is during ‘that time of the month!’ I am one of those people who is always worried about ‘overflow!’ I am always worried going out in public, worried that something will soak through… (I know, gross, but come on, I am not the woman I was in my twenties, ha, ha, ha!)

Anyways, this is why I was excited to learn about Dear Kate undergarments at BlogHer ’12! Dear Kate is the best friend who’s always got your back. She’s by your side for a girls’ night out, and she’s your speed-dial in a crisis. Kate is the girl laughing and commiserating with you through life’s little leaks.

Dear Kate offers revolutionary, leak-resistent underwear for women, even available in maternity! LOVE IT, right?

Watch this short video demonstrating the  wicking and leak resistant properties of Dear Kate!

What I think is amazing about Dear Kate is how stylish their Friday Night Fabulous thongs, Leading Lady bikinis, Ms Moxie Hipsters, and Ms Moxie Highrises are. I really love their Friday Night Fabulous line, offering sexy items, knowing that just because we might not have the bladder that we used to, doesn’t mean that we aren’t still SEXY!

Oh, and the best part; they are ultra-comfortable and don’t ride up in the wrong places.

All in all, I think that Dear Kate is a fabulous company, made by women, for women!

HOT DEAL – Check it out; Dear Kate is offering Adventures of 8’s readers a great discount –

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  1. This is interesting…nice to know!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I know that many women struggle with bladder leakage after pregnancy like you mentioned and also just as they get older. It can be really embarrassing for some women, but it’s actually a very common problem. I’m glad they’re coming up with ways like this to help women with this issue. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Glad to hear you like these. These sound like something that could be helpful for a lot of women.

  4. It’s amazing what pregnancy can do to your bladder and ability to control it!

  5. I missed this at BlogHer, will look more carefully next year, great suggestion.

  6. Cinny
    Twitter: CinnyBBS

    Glad to know there’s solutions for people out there.

  7. This reminds me of my first pregnancy. We were on an 8 hour road trip and I was 7 months pregnant. At first, my husband didn’t believe that we needed to stop. At first, he thought I could hold it. At first, he thought the bumpy roads were no problem. At first, he was sorely mistaken. LOL

  8. It’s so common for women to struggle with this after having babies. It’s great that there are companies out there finding solutions for them 🙂

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