The Yummyness that IS Nutrisystem… for real! ((#NSNation, #spon)

It is so funny, anytime I run into friends that I haven’t seen for a while they seems super-impressed with how much weight I have lost. Of course, it makes me feel REALLY good about myself. But the funny thing is that each person has the same reaction when I explain that I lost the help thanks to Nutrisystem. They each lose their smile, look at me almost sympathetically and say something along the lines of, “oh, weren’t you super-hungry?” or “oh, was the food horrible?” That is when I laugh and explain that for the first time I have felt full while dieting. I have not had many cravings and if anything, I almost feel like Nutrisystem was not a ‘diet’ to me, instead it was a course on healthy living.

You see, Nutrisystem teaches you the tools you need to make healthier choices, all the while eating full meals, snacks, and desserts.

For instance… my old breakfast used to be two or three eggs, a couple of strips of bacon, toast, and jelly or if I was on the go, I would just grab something from a fast-food place.

Now, I have many choices for breakfast, if I have the time, I can have Nutrisystem cereal, pancakes, or eggs… but normally I am on the run, so I grab a yummy breakfast bar, a banana, and a coffee!

The shocking thing about this meal is that it really does fill me up and keep me going until my mid-morning snack – when I normally have something like a yogurt, fruit, or cheese and crackers. The healthy choice is by looking for snacks that are fewer calories, like the Laughing Cow cheese and Reduced fat Triscuits.

Once I am done with this quick snack, I am ready to go… until lunch.

Lunch is one of my favorite meals, as Nutrisystem has so many choices. Between soups, pastas, and lunch bars, you have a huge assortment to choose from. Of course, being a Mom of three means that I hardly have time for lunch, but I make time. One of my favorite lunches is a nice salad, with a couple of strips of roasted chicken, light dressing, and a lunch bar as a yummy dessert. You would not believe how much this meal fills me up.

All in all, I think that people are shocked when they actually realize all that Nutrisystem has to offer. And, like I said, I think the best part of it, is how much information you can get off their website to learn how to change your life for the better!

PS – I am down another pound, making my total weight-loss of 38 pounds down in 16 weeks!!! Meanwhile, Hubby put on a couple of pounds over Thanksgiving so he has lost a total of 34 pounds in 16 weeks!!!

What YOU can do to help us stay on track:

Hubby, my Mother-in-Law and I are all officially a part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program! Here is what you can do to help – I am a WIMP, I admit it… Hubby, is not… when he puts his mind to something he becomes obsessed! Meanwhile, Mother-in-Law is new on the program, so she needs as much support as possible.

So, we can all use your help! I will be writing weekly and monthly posts with any and all updates… I would appreciate if YOU could help me by reading and commenting on these posts with words of wisdom, advice, and pats on the back! It will help me, knowing that y’all are joining us in this journey…

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting

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  1. You are doing amazing! I need to get serious about eating healthier in the new year…keep that inspiration coming!

  2. I’m so with you! I really enjoyed NS food and miss it now that I’m not on it anymore. You have to find your favorites but it’s pretty darn good for food that helps you lose weight!

  3. Way to go!!!38 lbs is EXCELLENT!! keep up the great work and stay focused during the holidays!!

  4. You’ve done so well on this diet! Congrats!

  5. 38lbs is AWESOME, way to go.

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