Steps to make our $$ resolutions real…

Okay, each year we talk about resolutions and I am just like y’all, I make a list every year. Then by the end of January, I realize that actually getting the resolutions accomplished was an impossible goal. This year I am trying something new. Instead of making a long list of resolutions I am making one broad resolution with a list of smaller resolutions to get me to the broad resolution. Does that make sense?

Here is my BROAD resolution –

I promise to MANAGE my MONEY better!  

Here are the smaller resolutions or steps to get me there:

  1. set up bank accounts… years ago I walked into my cousin’s house to find about fifteen coffee cans on his shelves. When I asked what they were he said they were his way of managing his money. Each check he got, he cashed and ‘deposited’ into each coffee can. So, I will set up accounts, keep in mind we also run a family run home improvement company. (Business Savings, Business Checking, home fund, my personal account, Hubby’s personal account, kids savings.)
  2. set up specified % to go into each account. Since Business Checking is most important to keep the business going, it will get the biggest cut, then we will go from there.
  3. each check we get, we will cash, then deposit specified % into each account.
  4. being honest – Hubby & I have a horrible past of always giving in to each other. If he wants a new tool, we get it… if I want to go eat out, we do it. This causes issues because we may not really have the money to do so, but we give in to each other… we promise to talk about the outcome of spending said funds on a new tool or on dinner. Meaning, yes, we can go to dinner tonight, but that means that we can’t go on date night next week… etc…
  5. Cut back on daily spending… instead of giving into the kids on McDonald’s and other fast food, I will cook more!

I want to hear from you… do you have any Money Resolutions


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  1. Holly Trudeau says:

    Great suggestions! Especially the cutting back on fast food. I buy groceries for a reason, may as well use them and stop being a lazybutt fast foodie!

  2. Yes, to make some. I need a plan and am in search of ways. That is my resolution.

  3. Thanks for the tips. This will help me alot this year.

  4. Gina Brickell says:

    Those are good tips.. Eventually I’m going to get to the point where I can put money away into savings but I have horrible credit card bills that I need to pay down before I can do that. I am losing money every month on interest, so it’s most important for me to get these paid down so I’m not losing this money…

  5. We have 3 separate accounts and it helps tremendously!! Working in the restaurant business has actually made some things easier for us too…..we like and appreciate eating at home!! Even with employee discounts it’s very expensive to eat where I work

  6. Colleen Boudreau says:

    My money resolution should be to stop shopping on Ebay so much! lol.

  7. I like the broad range of goals, instead of the narrower approach. I’m thinking of doing the same here. The individual account approach works well for us, too.

  8. Bonnie Caselman says:

    My fiance also has a home-based remodel/construction busieness & I love your suggestion on all the different bank accounts instead of just shuffling money around for business & personal use.

  9. We need to eat out less, but its sooooo nice to get a break, haha!

  10. Dawn
    Twitter: thenewclassy

    The best money-saving tip I can think of is to always pay the bills first. Too many times people go out to eat, shop, etc., then try to pay the bills…and there isn’t enough left. That is a snowball effect overtime that ends up costing you dearly.


  11. Mallery Schuplin
    Twitter: horridhousewife

    My sister does the whole envelope game for all of her bills. Our goal is to get our retirement, life insurance, and will set up!

  12. We don’t use credit cards but we waste so much money on crazy things. I have waay too many cupcake wrappers that I never use and my husband buys individual drinks like they are going out of style.

  13. Sela Toki says:

    Great Resolution for the new year! It should also be one of our New Year Resolution. We are lousy money managers and that’s why we’re almost always broke!

  14. Good job laying out specific, attainable goals. My husband and I don’t communicate about money very well, so that’s a big thing we need to work on this year!

  15. It sounds like you have it pretty well figured out. So often people set resolutions without taking the time to figure out how it’s going to happen.

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