G!veaway!!! What is YOUR Living Locket Story? W!n a G/C to Origami Owl w/ Tarah Hoover

The other day I went to an event at Little Man’s school and was asked by numerous Moms about my necklace. You see, like many Moms, I was sporting an ‘I’m proud to be a Mom-necklace,’ but mine was different than the ones many of the other moms were wearing. My necklace wasn’t just a name plate or circle, instead mine was a locket that told a story; it was a Living Locket from Origami Owl.

If you haven’t heard of Origami Owl then you are missing out. Origami Owl is a fun and unique way to tell your personalized story through charms, lockets and dangles.

Origami Owl’s story starts with a teenager and a dream. The company was founded by 14 year-old Isabella in the fall of 2010. Fueled by a goal to raise enough money to buy a car for her 16th birthday, she started the business with $350 worth of babysitting money and a matched contribution from her parents. She sold her unique line of personalized jewelry at home parties and events and quickly realized that this brand has an energy all its own. People absolutely love creating and wearing personalized jewelry that has meaning and is special to them.
Origami Owl’s success has catapulted since its inception in 2010. Today their signature jewelry collections are available online and through their trained Independent Designers, who sell their products exclusively at home parties and events-just as Isabella did from the very beginning! Their parties are a fun way to bring together a group of friends for a unique, memorable and highly personalized experience.

Independent Origami Owl representative, Tarah Hoover offered me my choice of Living Locket for review and it was so much fun to build.

Step one is choosing the perfect charm(s). I was amazed at the choices and was kind of torn between making a locket for Hubby and I, using his initial and mine or a ‘Mom-locket!’ using the kids birthstones.  The next step once choosing your charms is to choose your locket. You can choose between large or medium lockets in either silver, brush gold, or rose gold. Or, you can add some bling and choose either a gold or silver locket with crystals. Next you choose your chain, then the plate, which is the backing to your locket. The cool thing is that the plate is engraved with a tagline that tells about your locket. Once you have the right plate, then you have the choice of adding fun dangles.

Folks, I am not kidding that your Living Locket is YOUR Living Locket. From start to finish it is your creation and fits your story, life, or personality.

If you are stuck on your design, I suggest checking out the photos on Tarah’s Facebook Page, Heart My Locket to see a huge assortment of ideas, such as the perfect locket for:

  • Dog Lovers
  • Survivors
  • Faith
  • Love
  • Blessed
  • 31 Reps

And of course, Tarah is always able to help you with any inspiration you may need!

After looking through all the photos and going back and forth on my decision, I finally decided on a Mom-Locket! I placed my order and within no time it arrived.

Now, this was so cool; the locket arrived inside a little fortune cookie-looking jewelry case, inside an Origami Owl Chinese food-inspired box. How cute is that???



I opened the fortune cookie to see my necklace and my heart stopped, I just LOVED it! I immediately showed it to the family and my Mother-in-Law who said that it would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift for my Sister-in-law.

DSC05011 DSC05014 DSC05021 DSC05020 DSC05025

Since its arrival my Living Locket has been the first piece of jewelry I put on every single morning. It is very comfortable to wear and I just love how much attention it has received from friends and family members.

Buy It –

Now, placing an order is super-easy; just follow these steps:

  1. CLICK HERE to build your locket.
  2. On your order page, add in PARTY ID  – 253865

Join Tarah –

If you are interested in making MONEY by joining Tarah as a Origami Owl, Independent Representative, she is offering an amazing deal right now… You can get the Business Basics Package which is normally $149.00 for ONLY $100.00! WOW, $100.00 to get you started setting your own hours, work at your own pace, and earn extra money by selling these unique products

Tools for success

For information on beginning your business CLICK HERE and put in Designer ID – 10122!

Win It – An Origami Owl Giveaway


One lucky Adventures of 8 reader will win a $25.00 gift card towards anything from Independent Origami Owl Rep. Tarah Hoover. 

Giveaway will run from 2/20 – 11:59 PM on 3/6
Giveaway is opened to US Residents
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  1. Debra Evanson says:

    I like the guardian angel

  2. Corinne Lockie says:

    I really like the crystal cross dangle.. and the origami owl heart!

  3. Corinne Lockie says:

    I really like the crystal cross dangle.. and the oragami owl heart!

  4. Signature heart

  5. Veronica R says:

    The Ocean Turquoise Crystal Dangle is my favorite!

  6. I like the Small Tree of Life in Gold

  7. Christina Strapp says:


  8. Tina
    Twitter: tinakohrmn

    My fave is the crystal cross dangle. Very cute. Thanks for the awesome giveaway and the amazing prize. Have a lovely day!!!

  9. Briana Kennedy says:

    My favorite dangle would have to be the crystal cross

  10. i like their signature heart dangle

  11. My favorite dangle is the Victorian key in silver.

  12. Love the Victorian key. I wore a heart and key gold necklace nearly daily. It was a gift from my dad and was kind of like a purity ring to me. I stopped wearing it when I got married and hope to pass it to one of my daughters someday.

  13. Patricia B says:

    Love the tree of life and the angel wings.

  14. Maggie Parke
    Twitter: maggie92

    open my heart

  15. terri tillman says:

    i like the ‘precious purple pearl dangle’.

  16. Heidi Daily says:

    I like the origami owl signature heart the best

  17. Desiree Dunbar says:

    I like the Antique Pearl Dangle.

  18. sarah banes says:

    I love the angel wing

  19. Kathie Craig says:

    Signature Heart

  20. Hope Chamberlain says:

    I love the Guardian Angel Dangle.
    I would love to build a memorial locket for my daughter in honor of her aunt. They were best friends, and only 18 days apart in age.

  21. Sandi Hall says:

    I love the large Tree Of Life dangle!

  22. betsy cortez says:


  23. Suzanne B says:


  24. Jaclyn Hodnett says:

    I like the owl

  25. rachel rohde says:

    forever family is my favorite.

  26. Krista Grandstaff says:

    I like the silver tree of life 🙂

  27. elissa boone
    Twitter: ElissaNPeep

    Origami Owl Signature Heart

  28. the origami owl jewelry are so beautiful, silver tree of life

  29. I like the TREE OF LIFE SMALL Dangle.

  30. kelly bright says:

    Open My Heart Dangle

  31. I love the VICTORIAN KEY IN GOLD

  32. Kristin
    Twitter: kristinnw

    I like the Ocean Turquoise Crystal Dangle.


  34. love the heart

  35. I love the Victorian Key Dangle! It’s so pretty!

  36. Just LOVE these Lockets, & I love the Guardian Angel wing & Family Tree dangles in silver ( to name just 2!) Thanks for the chance….

  37. The Crystal Cross Dangle

  38. Love the aqua dangle!! Favorite !

  39. Ty for the give away.,

  40. Large Tree Of Life in Gold

  41. Tiffane Sloan says:


  42. Daily Woman (Lacey) says:

    Petite Bloom In Whimsical White

  43. Nicole Mills says:

    I love the silver victorian key dangle- gorgeous!!!

  44. Petite Bloom In Alluring Aqua

  45. Cheryl Chervitz
    Twitter: zekthezookeeper


  46. Samantha Baker says:

    I like the Ocean Turquoise Pearl Dangle.

  47. Melissa Hartley says:

    RECIOUS PURPLE CRYSTAL & The little Owl 🙂
    Thank you!

  48. Erin Church says:

    I love the owl dangle! Super cute!!

  49. Erin Church says:

    I love the Owl Dangle!! Super cute!

  50. Tina Seagraves says:

    http://tarahhoover.origamiowl.com/shop/product/?id=0AF70498299BFF33#.USeWwzDqgUM – Softball

  51. Bonnie Hessler says:

    I really liked the crystal clear quatrefoil dangle.

  52. Holly Thomas says:

    My favorite is the Gold Guardian Angel.

  53. Pink Pearl Dangle

  54. Jessica Snow says:

    Oh wow!! I’ve wanted one of these forever!! I love so many charms it’s not even funny. One of them would be the Clear Puffy Heart.
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!! =)

  55. kisha cotton says:

    the owl with the pretty blue eyes


  57. I like the fleur de lise dangle

  58. I like the cardinal

  59. I love the tree of life dangle!

  60. Sacha Schroeder says:

    The crystal cross dangle is my favorite!

  61. jennifer wexler says:

    i like the aqua pearl dangle

  62. Tamara Walker says:

    I liked the flowers, trees & pearls

  63. jodi bradshaw says:

    life is a gift

  64. jenna tomaszewski says:


  65. rachelle jones says:

    the tree of life one!

  66. My favorite dangle is the owl!

  67. tracey andino says:

    The Ocean Turquoise one is my fave!

  68. I love the origami owl signature heart dangle


  69. Trisha Scott says:

    Love this, so cute and what a neat idea. my fav. is the TREE OF LIFE SMALL

  70. I adore these necklaces!!! I just had one made for my Goddaughter who lost her sister. They have so many awesome charms so you can customize anything!

    Twitter: karengerman50

    my favorite is GOLD GUARDIAN ANGEL DANGLE.These are so adorable boy oh boy could i do a history her i have 8 grown children and im 53 yrs young and now i have full custody of 3 Grandchildren and 1 Niece…Im lovin it…<3

    Twitter: karengerman50

    my favorite is GOLD GUARDIAN ANGEL DANGLE.These are so adorable boy oh boy could i do a history her i have 8 grown children and im 53 yrs young and now i have full custody of 3 Grandchildren and 1 Niece…Im lovin it…<3

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