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It seems like every time I turn around Bloggers are spreading the word about a new company or product, which is AMAZING… but sometimes I wonder if we are our own worst enemy…When one Blogger who doesn’t know the rules states something and then it spreads like wildfire.
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Okay… so bloggers have gone back and forth – and have even gotten into a VERY heated discussion about what is allowed when it comes to Facebook and Blog Giveaways! Well, it is simple – Facebook wants to be sure we don’t use THEM as our entry system – which Adventures of 8 complies to.

To see a short video clip about the Guidelines, click HERE! This video is FROM FACEBOOK and makes it easier to understand!!!

You CAN condition an entry on someone taking an action. That means you can say, “Only people who have ‘Liked’ my page can enter.” But, you CANNOT use Facebook functionality as a way to enter your giveaway. That means you CAN’T say, “Like my page and be entered to win!”




When they use this term, they mean anything that’s built in to Facebook – such as the Like button or commenting. If you use those as entry methods, it’s kind of like you’re using Facebook as an entry form. So, you have to use a separate entry form – Rafflecopter, Google Doc, Comment on blog – whatever you want. But using a button on Facebook cannot be the way that they get entered – they have to use YOUR entry form or method. (Believe me, I know for a fact that many giveaway entry forms, such as Rafflecopter, work very hard, hand-in-hand with Facebook to be sure their tool is compliant. Rafflecopter wrote a post about it – you can see it – HERE)




You can participate in big BLOG giveaways, just keep in mind that Facebook will not allow you to use ‘farming pages!’ What is a ‘farming page?’ it is when you click a LINK in an entry form that takes you to a blog page with multiple Facebook Likes, and you continue just clicking a LIKE BUTTON… those are NOT ALLOWED… ALL ENTRIES for FB likes must run through an entry form, such as Rafflecopter or Giveaway Tools!



Also, I know some people are saying they were shut down using a Rafflecopter or Giveaway Tool and though I don’t know these Bloggers, I am unsure WHY they were shut down. In my opinion, I believe they probably have a ‘Farming Page’ out there somewhere or they participated in too many giveaways at once, making Facebook THINK that they were using a ‘Farming Page’ or were ‘buying likes!’ Think about it; there is no one person looking at everything, it is all computer generated… so if you sign up for ten giveaways that all start at the same time and at midnight on Monday you all of a sudden get 500-1,000 new likes, FB sends up a red flag! When it comes down to it, these big giveaways are great, just use your discretion and don’t over-do it!



So, YES! You can have people “Like” your page as an entry method – as long as you have them do something other than that as the actual entry method. Using the “Like” button to enter – Not ok. Liking your page then filling out a form – That is ok! I hope that this helps clear up some of the confusion – Giveaways that include people “Liking” your page can be a great way to meet new faces on your Facebook page, so I hope that this clarification helps you to feel confident in adding it your entry forms again!

*THANK YOU – SUnshine & sippy cups for making this clear for us!*

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I wish Facebook would stop being so bratty 😛 Either way, I’ll play nice and make sure I’m following the rules!

  2. The only other thing I heard that wasn’t mentioned here (and again, it’s heresay) is that the bloggers who were shut down had a lot of cash giveaways and would charge other bloggers to be in on the giveaways. One blogger who has been around for awhile, felt that there could be a connection between cash giveaways and charging people. Thus, purchasing “likes.” ? That was the common denominator she found (again speculation). Many bloggers have changed their “paypal cash” giveaways to a Visa giftcard.


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