How to Travel With Extended Family Members

Vacations including extended family members are becoming popular for a couple reasons. First, many families are spread all over the U.S. so vacation destinations are a great way to get the entire crowd together. Second, even if your family all lives in close proximity it alleviates one family member from having to house the entire gang and play host or hostess. These extended family vacation ideas will make your trip fun and enjoyable.

Make Sure Everyone is Onboard with the Plan

ave a family planning meeting

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Technology makes it easy to include everyone going on the trip. You can use a VoIP program like Skype or connect in a conference call if the family is spread all over the place. If you all live in the same city, plan a dinner and invite everyone who will be going on the trip to discuss things like:

  • Likes and dislikes
  • How to fairly split costs
  • Kid friendly events
  • Couple Alone Times
  • A budget everyone can afford

Give time during these meetings to let everyone have their say and remember you may have to agree to disagree on some parts of the family vacation.

Find Affordable Accommodations

ook for affordable accommodations

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Most likely, your extended family won’t be looking to stay at high-priced hotels. Do some research and book cheap hotels that offer a pool for the kids and saunas for the adults. Seek out those with coffee shops or buffets or hotels that have family dining restaurants within walking distance.

Share the Responsibilities

hare the responsibilities

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Just because your vacation may include husbands and wives, kids, aunts and uncles and grandparents, you may want some alone time with your spouse or just your immediate family. Make a set schedule and define times so everyone within the family has time to spend with their spouse or their children.

An extended family vacation full of everyone together—all the time may quickly turn into arguments and disagreements.

Look for Group Discounts

ook for Group Discounts

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Very often hotels, B&Bs and tourist attractions will charge a lower rate if you come in group. Search for these before your vacation begins and be sure to bring up each attraction offering discounts in your family meeting.

Explain to those who may want to skip already visited sites before that seeing them again can bring new adventures especially if their children or others have never seen them before—appoint them as the guide.

Find a Beach House That Will Hold Everyone

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More and more, there are places in coastal areas that are renting beach houses or lakeside homes that offer enough outdoor events for the entire family. Look for rentals in and around your vacation destination as these venues may be more affordable—be sure to split the groceries, childcare, dishes and cleanup.

If you’re planning an extended family vacation, don’t fret about it. Chances are those who want to travel with you agree to because they enjoy your company. Play lots of games, see local sites, visit affordable street fairs and craft shows and tempt everyone’s taste buds in local eateries. Above all, if children are in attendance don’t forget to find age appropriate things for them to do to avoid boredom.


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