Blogging Tips – The Pros and Cons of Multi-Blogger Events…

I remember not so long ago I started a group called $50 Fridays. It was a group of fab Bloggers who all joined together to offer a weekly $50 cash giveaway. It was such a hit because we were each able to offer a CASH giveaway to our readers without shelling out a bunch of cash.  Now a days, I see multi-blogger events all over the place and they are HUGE!

Now, let me start by explaining what a multi-blogger event is – it is a big prize, normally something a Blogger alone wouldn’t be able to offer. In return for posting and promoting this item, each Blogger receives an entry on the entry form, guaranteeing that your numbers will go up!

Now, this sounds like a Bloggers dream – free followers, right??? Well, if you are new to Blogging, than it is awesome, you get tons of new followers and it is an awesome way to grow your numbers very quickly – just keep in mind that  there are pros and cons –

Pros and cons for entrants

Pros – from an entrants point of view

  • Wow – this is an awesome giveaway item, something my favorite Blog, such as Adventures of 8 wouldn’t normally offer…
  • Awesome, look at all these new Blogs I learn about

Cons – from an entrants point of view

  • Um – you are telling me that to get entries, I have to go down this HUGE entry form that could take forever, lol?
  • Wait – for a chance at this $100 item, I have to like 50 pages on Facebook or follow 50 Blogs on Twitter?

So, as you can see, there are ups and downs to events. I mean, between you and me, I won’t enter huge events because I just don’t have time, so I stick to the smaller ones, but that is just me. Obviously, since these giveaways are proven to get entries, they work for some people!!!

NOW – the Pros and Cons for Bloggers

Pros – for a Blogger

  • You are guaranteed new followers, depending on the group of Bloggers and how many times y’all have worked together, the amount of new follows may be huge or small… but a new follower is a new follower, right?
  • You are guaranteed more pageviews. I am being asked, more and more, by companies and PR firms for my stats, including monthly and unique page views. The bigger the number, the better you look. So, if I know I have joined a giveaway for something my readers don’t normally get a chance to try to win, such as a iPad, Money, Keurig, etc… I promote the shoot outta it to pump up those page views. I also post on Facebook and Twitter asking my readers to SHARE this giveaway before entering and let me tell you, my fans love them.
  • It is an easy job…if you have JOINED the giveaway –  this is one event you won’t have to write the post for or set up the entry form, you just have to copy and paste, then promote and you are set

Cons – for a Blogger

  • You need to make sure the item fits your Blog – you should know your readers pretty well. If you are a style and decor blog, your readers might not be as interested in entering to win a Vitamin Package – whereas, if you are a Fitness Blog, your readers might not be interested in winning a purse… so know your readers before you join.
  • If you do these events often, you will get in a groove where each of the participating Blogs have worked together so much that you actually may not get any new followers. Here is the deal – Blog with Mom (one of my favorite blogs) and I have worked together so much, that now we have many of the same followers, so when we team up, our numbers may not grow like we would want, but keep in mind, we still get awesome page views.
  • Some readers are turned off by such big events and entry forms…
  • There are probably going to be other Bloggers in your event that are smaller or who don’t promote as much, this can get frustrating, but is just a fact 🙁

All in all, I firmly believe that multi-Blogger events are worth it. These are my two cents on the giveaways I join:

  • I try to only join events with a smaller amount of Bloggers who all have a bigger audience, and won’t join any giveaway with more than 50 Bloggers
  • I try to stay away from joining too many events at one time, as to make sure I have time to promote and to not upset my readers, because they don’t like the bigger giveaways, as much
  • I make sure that as soon as I get the code/HTML that I schedule the event, and then as soon as the event is LIVE, I schedule all my Facebook and Twitter promotions to make sure that I get as many page views as possible.
  • I try to join different giveaways, meaning a couple Advertise with Blogger Events, maybe a Mom Powered Media event, Night Owl Event, or M.O.O.N event… just to stir up the  Bloggers that I work with.
  • I make sure that the event abides by all rules, meaning no Facebook Farming page, etc… HERE is a post about Facebook Guidelines…
  • I mostly sign up for FREE events, though every now and then, I will buy into a smaller event with a few other blogs
  • Every now and then, I will pay to be a host page for the page views

I hope this information helps… please feel free to comment below with your thoughts…

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