Tips & Tricks to Promoting G!veaways!!!

Though I am no expert by far, on promoting giveaways, I do feel that I do a pretty good job at it. One of the major issues about promoting giveaways is GETTING your giveaway noticed and out there to your fans and their friends. This is not always easy, as Facebook keeps hiding posts and Twitter moves so quickly.

Here are some tips and tricks I have picked up over the years… please be sure to comment below with any tips and tricks that you have learned that I should add to the list. Also, I would appreciate it, if you like this post, if you would share it!

Promoting on your Facebook Fan Page Wall – 

This is not always so easy, as I can tell you that of my 30,000 fans (give or take depending on if FB likes me or not) most of the time Facebook claims only 1-2,000 fans SEE each post – that causes a big grumble in my belly!

Engagement – from what I understand, if someone does not engage on your page, meaning comment, like, or share in a while, your page isn’t front and center to them. This makes sense as I notice I see the pages I visit most when I log into FB, yet I have liked over 500 pages. So, the question is how to get fan engagement. The best way I have noticed is to ask questions that everyone wants to answer or post those funny ‘your e-cards’ and such! Anything to get people liking, commenting, and sharing… the more they do, the more they will see your posts.  Also, ask them to engage on each of your giveaway posts, such as – like this post

If you notice the big pages have constant engagements, meaning they get people talking… 🙂 The more people like or comment on a post, the more Facebook will think that post is worth showing to others!!!

Photos – for some reason Facebook does not like photos, even as in a link… I have noticed that the posts that are posted with photo or the link photo have FAR LESS engagement then those that don’t have photos…

engagement without photo engagement with photo


So, when posting just remove that little post blurb below your post to get more views…

Scheduling – I don’t know about you, but I am NOT always online… though, if you look at my Facebook page, it will look like I am. That is because I schedule each giveaway to post THREE times a day. Now that may seem like much and I have gotten all of ONE complaint in my years of Blogging… but this is the way I see it – let’s say you have three types of readers –

Type A – who works full time and checks her emails and Facebook before work or at lunch, but is not on throughout the day or at night because she doesn’t have a computer at home.

Type B – who only checks email and Facebook at night because her boss will kill her if she gets on during work

Type C – the Mom who only checks email and Facebook at nap times and late at night

So… how do you make sure that EACH of these readers see your giveaway? Post three times a day, at different times each day… So, I schedule my giveaways as follows – Post ONCE anytime between 7AM – 11AM…then I scheduled ONCE more between Noon – 3PM – I don’t do anything from 4-6/7 because more often than not my readers are making or eating dinner… then I schedule the last post for anytime between 8PM and 1AM the next day. I try to space out the posts, so as to not over post, but it seems to work for me. This may seem like a lot for the reader on 24/7, but the reader that is only on ONCE during that time frame really appreciates it.

Schedule postFacebook Groups – Facebook Groups can help you if you join the correct groups.

Engagement Groups – there are many groups that help you with everything from posting giveaways, blog comments, and even Facebook comments and likes… what many groups do is offer a share thread – example – a comment thread; anyone who needs a blog or Facebook comment posts a link and everyone else comments for you. This is a great way to get both Blog and Facebook Comments!

FB Share

Remember, this goes back to the more people who comment, like, or share your post, the more Facebook will think it worthy of sharing your post… LOL

Giveaway Groups – there are groups on Facebook where you post any opened giveaways. Whenever I am in the mood to ENTER giveaways I often scour all the opened giveaways posted in these groups.

To find share groups or giveaway groups, just do a quick search on Facebook!

Twitter Works Too… 

I am not one to PREACH about Twitter because in all honesty, I suck at it, lol… but I know a lot of my Blog Page Engagement comes from Twitter so maybe I am doing something right?? Here are my thoughts and what I do –

  1. Hashtag – I don’t know much about hashtags, but I always use the #giveaway and #win hashtags. I have been known to use #natural and #organic tags as well… just don’t forget with all the new rules that you add either #spon or #ad at the end of your hashtag… 🙂 Also, be sure to use those hashtags in the TWEET options on your entry form. 
  2. Join a Triberr group – Triberr may have their ups and downs, but it has helped me. Just be sure to actually participate, no one likes someone who joins just to get promoted… (BTW – not sure what Triberr is? Read all about it HERE)

Last but not least; make it easy to find and enter your giveaways on your Blog!

There is nothing I love more than going to a blog to enter one giveaway, only to notice that there are tons of other awesome giveaways available. It makes searching for giveaways very easy. There are ways to do this… if you have WordPress (sorry BlogSpot people) I would highly suggest adding a slider or a Plugin that will automatically add your giveaways to your sidebar.

current giveaways


current giveaways 2

Giveaway Slidebar Plugin

I know some people say the slider slows things down a bit, but I would rather be a bit slower and have people SEE my giveaways. If you have a BlogSpot or Blogger Blog, I would suggest trying to find a way to have a Giveaways Tab as a pull down or maybe a text links on the sidebar… anything to make it easy for your fans to see all your giveaways.

Make it easy to enter – and make it KNOWN how to enter – Many times the average person doesn’t know what Rafflecopter is, so just saying enter on the Rafflecopter and have the Rafflecopter link to the entry form WILL NOT WORK to get entries… I was just talking to a PTA Mom and she asked me about my giveaways, so I pulled up my site on my iPad and showed her. Immediately she said, “Duh, so those big enter giveaway with arrows pointing down to an entry form should be easy enough, right???” ha, ha, ha

Giveaway ToolThis is VS the other way I have seen on Blogs where there is just a link to the entry form –

RafflecopterBetween you and I, even I didn’t know until recently to CLICK the Rafflecopter word to go to the entry form… so, if I didn’t know, do you think a new reader of your blog will know??? So, do yourself a favor – MAKE IT OBVIOUS how to enter – so obvious your child could do it 🙂

Well, I think I have officially rambled on more than I wanted to!!! I hope this helped you all… I would love to know if you have any tips or tricks that help you get your posts noticed…



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  1. Mom Blog
    Twitter: blogwithmom

    This is an EXCELLENT POST Shauna!!! Thank you for the tips, I even scheduled a few FB posts while I was reading it!!!

    Bobbie Anne

  2. Melissa Moreno
    Twitter: Mel_rose_more

    Thanks for all of the great suggestions, some I already do but not all.


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  2. […] Promotional Details: Each Blogger agrees to post this event on your Blog by the promotion date, then promote at least once a day on all social sites, through the giveaway. Bloggers also agree to promote on at least on Giveaway Linky during the event. (For tips and tricks on promoting, CLICK HERE) […]

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