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Follow my blog with Bloglovin If you follow Adventures of 8 via Google Reader, you will be lost tomorrow... be sure to Follow my blog with Bloglovin!!! … [Read more...]

ACE Weight-loss Pr!ze Package G!veaway!!! Get in that swimsuit with ACE!

Summer is upon us and one thing we all worry about is swim suits. I believe that swim suites are dirty little tricks played on women who have not-so-perfect bodies and some who do! So, just like many others, I am always looking for ways to get the body I want! Yes, I wish I could go to the gym five-days-a-week with a trainer  or have a personal chef cook me the perfect meal options, but unfortunately that is not possible. I know I eat healthy … [Read more...]

G!veaway – Enter to be one of TEN bedding sets from Beyond Bedding

When we moved Baby Miss into Little Miss' room we had the thought of changing the empty room into a play room. Over time it began a junk room full of everything we didn't need, as well as toys and games scattered about. Six months ago I got sick of the mess and did a whole clean up of the room. Many toys and boxes went to charity and I got busy organizing. After a while things started looking better and and the toys and games became easier … [Read more...]

A Green Vacation! #BahnFever

As I told y'all last week, we are super-excited to be going to Galveston, Texas this summer. Believe me when I tell you that we definitly need the break from the day-to-day! In my last vacation post, I told you how you can schedule vacation fun at Schlitterbahn while saving money, but did you know that Schlitterbahn was 'GREEN' before 'green' was cool??? YES, you heard me, you can go on a green vacation. Check out the facts about the South Padre … [Read more...]

In or around Chicago??? Check out the tours from Seadog!!!

Are you ready for an entertaining cruise experience along Chicago’s scenic lakefront? Come out to Navy Pier and let Seadog show you the city April-October, weather permitting. Seadog offers four exciting ways to see and experience Chicago from the water: Lakefront Speedboat Tour This 30-minute cruise along the shoreline offers a descriptive tour of Chicago’s famous skyline, while playing your favorite music. Extreme Thrill Ride This … [Read more...]

Week of 6/27 G!veaway Roundup Linky Linkup

Week of  6/27 G!veaway Roundup Linky Linkup!  This Linky will be advertised on all of Adventures of 8's sites through the weekend into next week :) Welcome to Adventures of 8's Weekly Giveaway Roundup - This roundup is promoted on all Adventures of 8's social sites numerous times a day, through the weekend... Bloggers - Place all your giveaways below including who it is opened to and date - example [US/ 4/7] - Entrants - click any link … [Read more...]

Zaycon Foods is America’s Drive Thru Meat Market – Fresher, Faster and Cheaper

Okay - I don't know about you, but this sounds like such a great program - Have you heard of Zaycon Foods? They provide high quality super fresh meat and produce to its customers at very reasonable prices... how do they do this? It is simple - strength in numbers. And not their  numbers, yours! Zaycon Foods can sell its products at bulk rate prices to individual consumers and families because our unique sales event business model brings lots … [Read more...]

G!veaway!!! Kidecals, labels that stick to everything and are washable… tested and approved by ME!

The beginning of the summer was so crazy as Hubby and I struggled to get each of the kids ready for camp, swimming, and every-day-activities. We totally overdid it by signing the kids up for so many activities, but we didn't want them to get bored. The overwhelming part of it all came with all the lists and informational packets that each of the camps provided explaining all the items the kids needed! One of the must-do's was to label … [Read more...]

Dove Clinical Protection-antiperspirant/deodorant keeps me dry and confident #DoveClinical

It is tough for me to live in Texas because not only do I hate the heat, I tend to sweat A LOT and it is embarrassing. I have tried many different antiperspirants and have found that though I like how they keep me from sweating, my skin has a bad reaction and I break out. I am not talking about minor little bumps, like from shaving, I am talking about constant itching and scratching break out! That is why I was willing to try the dermatologist … [Read more...]

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