BlogHer ’13 Sponsor – The Victoria Chart Company…

I am super-excited to let you all know that our friends at The Victoria Chart Company are helping me attend BlogHer in Chicago, IL next month. If you follow my blog then you should know all about The Victoria Chart Company… but let me refresh your memory!

US-MBSC layout and NAPPAThe Victoria Chart Company is your one-stop-shop for fun and engaging reward charts to assist your child in everything from everyday activities, to potty training, and sleep training. Instead of negative reactions to a child not doing what they should, the chart helps give POSITIVE reactions in the form of stickers for each time a child does as he/she should.

The Victoria Chart Company can help with toddler issues, an elementary chart, as well as charts to help motivate older children. AND their My Big Star Chart and their Good Night Sleep Tight Chart are both Winners of 2013 National Parenting Publication Awards!

All in all, we have loved working with The Victoria Chart Company and can’t wait to continue working with them!!!

To check out their website, CLICK HERE!

Be sure to also follow them on Facebook and Twitter!!!

BlogHer '13

More about BlogHer ’13! BlogHer is the largest conference for bloggers and each year thousands of bloggers attend this sold-out conference.  It’s an amazing conference that allows women and brands to network together, to build strong online communities that in turn form lasting relationships. Attending the conference with the helps of Sponsors will enable me to build and grow my existing knowledge of online marketing and in addition, I can be a voice for those brands during and after the conference to women and mommies who are making the majority of shopping decisions.

All of the Sponsorship Opportunities available offer Sponsors not only the opportunity to allow Adventures of 8 to advertise your brand or product to the thousands of women who will be attending BlogHer, but we are also offering weekly or monthly shouts to my over 50,000 followers, as well as, posts on Adventures of 8 before and after the event, plus some opportunities for extra features, giveaways, and sidebar advertising! Sponsorship packages are going fast and start at only $200.00! Please be sure to contact me if YOU would like to get more information!

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