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I remember a time when my Mom would give me words of wisdom and I would roll my eyes and walk away! Yes, I was that girl, age eight and nine thinking that I knew everything. I remember most of these times very clearly, mostly it was before or during my summer swim meets that I remember my Mom saying “Shauna, you have to eat a good meal before a swim meet, here is a peanut butter sandwich” or “Shauna, you MUST drink water during your swim meet, no sodas!” I also remember thinking she was nuts, that she had no idea what she was talking about!

Now, here I am years and years later, now understanding the importance of hydration, especially keeping the kids hydrated when going to swim meets! I am now begging Little Man to drink more water before during and after his meets… all the while pushing water on Baby and Little Miss as they watch their brother swim. I have totally become my Mother constantly worrying that they are not drinking enough water. I have gone as far as adding flavors or colors to the water to make it fun to drink!

2013-06-21 09.23.16

It is amazing how just changing the color of the water will make my two-year-old want to drink it, ha, ha, ha!


Little Man getting ready for his first swim race!

Do you remember your Mom’s words of wisdom about staying

hydrated in the summer? What are your hydration tips for kids?


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