Live in San Antonio? Join the Big Latch On this Saturday…

Are you looking for a mommy/family bonding event?

The Big Latch On is an international breastfeeding event where moms around the globe come together to feed their children, enjoy comradery, and raise breastfeeding awareness.

The count will be taken from 10:30-10:31. Every latched child during that minute will be counted.

Dads, siblings, and grandparents are welcome!

latch on________________________________________________
The Big Latch On endeavors to protect, promote and support breastfeeding women. The aims of this event include:
• Support for communities to identify and grow opportunities to provide on-going breastfeeding support and promotion in local communities.
• Raise awareness of breastfeeding support and knowledge available locally and globally.
• Help communities positively support breastfeeding in public places
• Models breastfeeding as normal part of day-to-day life at a local community level
• Increase support for women who breastfeed – women are supported by their partners, family and their communities.
• Ensures communities have the resources to advocate for coordinated appropriate and accessible breastfeeding support services.

For more information… CLICK HERE!!!

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