Schlitterbahn Waterpark; fun for children and adults of all ages… #BahnFever

While vacationing in Galveston this past week we had the opportunity to visit to Schlitterbahn Waterpark. Let me start by telling you that this was my first time going, but Hubby remembers going often as a child! Now this may be where you ask why this is my first time going, well, it is simple, I thought it was so full of slides and such that I had worried that the little ones would have nothing to do and I would be stuck sitting with them while Hubby and Little Man went off to have fun! BOY WAS I WRONG!!! ha, ha, ha! It turns out that Schlitterbahn has something for everyone and we had an absolute blast!

Our visit started with us walking to the front gate with our big cooler… yes, how cool is it that we can bring our own cooler? Talk about cost-effective, it was so nice knowing that we didn’t need to worry about paying for lunch or drinks!

2013-07-15 10.19.08

We then proceeded to get our wristbands and continue through!

2013-07-15 10.26.11

Once that was complete we moved on to the height chart to see where each of our kids stood for the slides. This was where I was expecting to find that Little Miss and Baby Miss would be out of luck to ride each ride, but I was mistaken, as it turned out that there were quite a few that they could do with an adult! Woo hoo!

2013-07-15 10.32.35 2013-07-15 10.32.07 2013-07-15 10.31.57We found some amazing lounge seats right by the Tiki Tikes area and set the cooler on a picnic bench. Within minutes Little Man and Hubby were off to ride slides, while Little Miss and Baby Miss took some time to explore their area! What I loved about this area is that the water was really shallow, so even if they tripped or sat in it, they were totally safe. Plus, I did notice that life  jackets were on hand all over, if needed. The girls began with the small frog slide and they totally loved it. It was small enough that even little two-year-old Baby Miss navigated the slide like a pro.

2013-07-15 10.40.05 2013-07-15 10.41.32 2013-07-15 10.41.30 2013-07-15 10.40.28

Next they moved on to the bigger walk up play area and began taking turns on each of the two bigger slides. I loved that there was a lifeguard on top of the slide to assist them and through the day I noticed more guards walking the area.

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Here is a short video showing the true excitement.

When Hubby and Little Man came back we moved on to ride the White Water Cove, which was pretty much a lazy river. Again, they had life jackets on hand and you could choose between individual tubes, double tubes, or even a tube that the child can sit in… All three kids had a blast as we went around once, then moved onto the rapids. This had to be one of my favorite areas as I watched each of my children scream and giggle with joy and excitement. For a while I was holding onto Little Man’s tube, when he finally had to beg me to let him be on his own, ha, ha, ha!

After the rapids, Hubby took the girls on a couple of water slides and they LOVED them, each begging to go again and again. They especially loved the Guada-Loopy and Loopy Luge Tube Chutes, as well as the Thunder Tube.

2013-07-15 12.20.08

2013-07-15 12.20.092013-07-15 12.20.11

Notice the guards in the water and on hand to help everyone out of the tubes… nice, right?

Mid-day we took a break for lunch and it was nice just sitting at the picnic table to eat our sandwiches. Since we brought the cooler with us, we didn’t feel pressured to spend money on drinks or food, meanwhile we all stayed hydrated and fed!

2013-07-15 12.10.16

Meanwhile, Little Man loved the Bahnzai Pipeline! I was leery of letting him go up to ride this one all on his own, but it seemed the perfect size for him!

2013-07-15 13.32.112013-07-15 13.32.122013-07-15 13.32.13

Of course, before we left, Hubby couldn’t help himself from sneaking away to ride the more extreme coasters, hee, hee, hee… and he loved them.

All in all, this waterpark had something for everyone. I am no longer worried about visiting again and actually plan to make more visits in the future.

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Have you been to a Schlitterbahn Waterpark? If so, what is your favorite ride? 

*Disclaimer – This is a Sponsored Post on behalf of USFG and Schlitterbahn Waterparks. All views and opinions are honest and our own! 

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  1. I’ve never been but it looks like tons of fun!

  2. Water park is a great idea to break this heat

  3. debra daigle says:

    We are a family of 9 and this looks so fun! Wish we had a water park closer to us!

  4. I’ve never been to this water park, but I LOVE water parks and this one looks like so much fun! I love the area for the littler kids!

  5. Wow – that looks like you and the kiddos had a great time! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Katherine says:

    What a fun time!! you all look like you really enjoyed it.

  7. This looks like so much fun! We recently did a water park too and the slides were a blast!

  8. Galveston is so much fun! I haven’t been in a long time, but it sure looks like you all had a blast!

  9. never been but looks like loads of fun!!

  10. That looks like a wonderful park for the kiddos! Love that tongue slide, lol. so cute!! Great pics of the kiddos too!

  11. Oh my gosh…that looks like such an absolutely fabulous adventure! Family-friendly and perfect! Really impressed by the fact that you can bring your own food/drinks! Thank you so much for sharing and loved all the wonderful pictures!

    • I know, I am always worried about the kids getting dehydrated and bringing a cooler really helped!

  12. Mallery
    Twitter: horridhousewife

    I love that there were plenty of lifeguards around to help get in and out of the slides. I’m so happy everyone was able to have fun!

    • Me too, it made me feel very safe seeing all the life guards and life vests 🙂

  13. Looks like you guys had a great time, such wonderful pictures!

  14. looks like you guys had an awesome time–our family LOVES water parks too!! thanks for sharing-wished we lived closer to this one


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