Our back-to-school tips, plus a way to help others with the BGCA & Disney! #Tools4BTS #Sponsored

*Disclosure – I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Boys & Girls Clubs of America. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I can’t believe that school is starting in just a few weeks. Thankfully Little Man received a whole packet of summer activities from his teacher last year, so he has been keeping up with his sight words and reading, but now we are on crack down to be sure he is REALLY ready for that first day of school.

Here are some of the steps/tips we have taken:

  • We have doubled on Little Man’s daily reading to two books a day.
  • We have changed up the sight-words flash cards… what I mean by this is that we have added each word three or four times in the stack using an assortment of fonts and sizes so that he will ALWAYS recognize the words.
  • We have started incorporating math into each meal time, using everything from peas, to ice cubes, to goldfish to practice adding and subtracting.
  • We have started stocking the kitchen with quick breakfast choices for those mornings we are rushed, as well as, healthy snack options for after school or before after-school sports.
  • We talk to Little Man about things he will have to face in school, such as making new friends, raising his hand to answer questions, and how to handle bullies.
  • We have started our back-to-school clothing shopping, but this is not so easy as most places are featuring jeans and long sleeved shirts while it is still 90 degrees here in San Antonio, ha, ha, ha! So, some of our clothing shopping takes place in November/December…
  • We have taken advantage of back-to-school savings weekends and coupons to stock up on school supplies…
  • We also take this time to educate the kids on helping others, by donating items to back-to-school drives and clothing drives.

That last item is really important to me because I was one of those kids whose parents could not afford to purchase all the items I needed for back-to-school. Back then, my teachers were nice enough to lend a hand, but now things are even more expensive and teachers can’t always help. Did you know that each year, 1 million students fail to graduate high school?  This scary statistic, proves it is increasingly important to support today’s youth. This is why I am so excited that the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the BGCA, has partnered with Disney to launch an online supply drive. The way it works is that when you go online to www.greatfutures.org/backtoschool then you click the box that says Ready. Set. Give! 

Disney BGCA

From there, you will have the opportunity to play a fun pop-quiz style game!


And for every five correct answers, a donation of supplies will be made to local BGCA Clubs!  How cool, right? (See above to see what it looks like!)

Also, while you are on the BGCA website you can check out the plethora of educational content for parents as you prepare to send your children back to school!

What do you think about this BGCA/ Disney Program?

Do you have any back-to-school tips???

Comment below!

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  1. This looks like a great program. I know many families who are struggling with the cost of back to school supplies. Thanks for the great tips!

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