Our NewAir Can Beverage Refrigerator keeps the drinks at the perfect temperature for our family!

As y’all know, we have a lot of people in our home. Living in a multi-generational home can be tough on someone who sometimes just needs their own space. I am sure that you would understand that though my Mother and Father-in-law and I get along fabulously, we all need our space. We have made this work easily in our home because,  though our home is not ‘large’ it does have a second floor that not only holds the bedrooms for Hubby & I, and our children, but it also has its own living room. This makes it really nice, so that Hubby & I have our own space that is OURS! To make life easier on us, we have made the upstairs living area very cozy, with our couches, TV, DVR, and of course a mini-fridge to house our waters and drinks. The problem is that the mini-fridge also has a freezer, which we don’t use, and that freezer often freezes everything in the fridge. We have searched for a replacement without a freezer for some time, but had no luck.

This is why we were excited when the folks at NewAir USA, a manufacturer of home appliances that includes portable air conditioners. ice machines and wine coolers, contacted us to review one of their products. Now, of course I immediately thought of a wine cooler, since every Mama should have one, but when it came down to reality I was very interested in checking out their NewAir AB-850 84 Can Beverage Refrigerator.

The NewAir Can Beverage Refrigerator sounded just perfect for us, offering…

  • Removable racks offer custom storage
  • Interior LED light for optimal viewing
  • Automatic defrost for maintenance free use
  • Temperature control for personalized chilling
  • Compact design fits in small spaces easily
  • Large capacity design holds 84 cans

The day came when our new item arrived and I could not wait to plug it in. Hubby took a good look at our new fridge and realized that the door could be switched to open to the left, instead of the right, which would fit our area perfectly.

2013-09-15 21.22.33With just a switch of the screws, Hubby had the door flipped in a matter of fifteen minutes and our fridge was ready to be filled.

What I really fell in love with is how much this little fridge actually holds. Since our main use would be for water bottles, I was unsure of how it would do, but we didn’t even have to adjust any shelves, they all just fit perfectly. Plus, it has a pretty blue light in it for effect, and the racks easily roll out!

2013-09-15 21.52.28

The blue light makes it easy to grab a drink in the middle of the night.


Each of the racks easily roll out!


The easy roll-out racks makes it simple for the kids to grab a water when they want one.

The temperature controls are right on top making it simple to chill your beverages between 34 and 64 degrees F and enjoy it just the way you like it!

2013-09-15 21.52.56And if you are wondering how well it does chilling? Well, Hubby put a six pack in there one afternoon for when his buddies came over to watch the game and when he went to grab a beer it was the perfect temperature for him!

2013-09-15 21.53.15Oh and I am totally excited to tell you that this refrigerator actually can hold more water than my old one… as we were able to fill it with thirty-nine water bottles and a twelve pack of hard cider, for a girls night in. WOW!!!

2013-09-28 19.18.40

All in all, whether you are looking for a beverage cooler for a man cave or a water fridge for a living room, like ours, than I would TOTALLY recommend the NewAir AB-850 84 Can Beverage Refrigerator!

2013-09-15 22.03.18

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  1. This would be so nice to have for a game room or basement!

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