Ever wonder about refillable ink cartridges? Read about my HP #InkChallenge #sponsored

Do you know those times that you walk up and down the aisle at your local computer store, wondering which printer, paper, or ink to purchase? I mean it is overwhelming looking at the choices between brand-name products, ink cartridges, refillable cartridges, brand-name paper, store-brand paper, etc, it could make your head spin, right?

Well, we were given the chance to run a challenge or trial on HP Ink Products. For this challenge we were sent

·         Two HP 3510 printers

·         1 new Black HP 61 XL ink cartridges and 1 new Tri-Color HP 61 XL ink cartridges

·         1 near-empty Black HP 61 XL ink cartridges and 1 near-empty Tri-Color HP 61 XL ink cartridges

·         Assorted HP printer paper and generic printer paper

The week after we received our products we received our first ‘Challenge’ to set both printers up, one with the new black HP 61 XL ink cartridges and the new Tri-Color HP 61 XL ink cartridges and the other printer with the refillable cartridges.

DSC07314 DSC07315

DSC06804Father-in-Law went to work setting both up and we received our first error in the printer with the refillable cartridges. At first it said both cartridges were incompatible, so we removed the cartridges, cleaned them up, turned off the printer and tried again. This was were we were told over and over that the refillable Tri-Color HP 61 XL ink cartridge was incompatible.

I then had to take the cartridge to the Ink Sell store in town to refill the cartridge. It took two-days to refill and I got it home and it worked perfectly.

Setting up each printer, by themselves, was a very simple task and I was very excited to be able to print directly from my iPad!

The next weeks challenge was to print 20 pages of a colored document on both printers. We did so and immediately saw a difference in the printers. The printer with the refillable ink left a line across the top of about five of the pages.


The pages on the right were printed with the refillable cartridges; see the line across the top?

Yet the every week documents looked fine on both sets of printers…


By the third week, we were supposed to print a set of presentation flyers. This time we saw no difference in either print job, but the refillable printer printed much slower than the other printer.

DSC07319 DSC07316

Week four  brought me to the end of the challenge as I went to print out the directions for the challenge and got yet another ink-failure error on the refillable cartridge printer.

Error DSC07323

To say I was frustrated was an understatement. I again tried to clear out the cartridge, turned the printer off and on, etc; and nothing worked!ARGGG!

So, in the end I would have to say that the refillable cartridges were an epic fail. Not only is it a hassle trying to get your printer to ‘take them’ as I had to clean them, restart the printer, etc, it was frustrating to have to get them refilled and in the end have one fail! Plus, in the HP Community forum I found that many others who were take part in the challenge were having the same issues with their refillable cartridges.

My final thoughts? This was a great opportunity to try something new, so I thank HP for the chance, but all in all, I don’t think I will be purchasing refillable cartridges anytime soon.

Have you ever used refillable cartridges? Comment below!!!

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*Disclosure – I received two free HP Deskjet 3510 printers and supplies from HP as well as a gift card to purchase refilled cartridges in order to participate the Ink Challenge. All opinions and views expressed are my own


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  1. How awesome!! We have a HP! I need to look into this!

  2. I have not tried refillable cartridges before and am so sad to hear they didn’t work out well for you.

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