Birthdays can be extra special with a personalized tee from Petite Lemon!

We tend to go way overboard on birthdays… I mean, we don’t just throw a party on the weekend, the actual birth DAY is celebrated ALL DAY! This past week we celebrated Little Miss’ 5th birthday and it was amazing…

The day began with Hubby and I waking Little Miss up by serenading her with the Happy Birthday song… When she finally woke up, we greeted her with a couple presents. These first presents are always her special birthday outfit. We made sure to give her a very special personalized tee-shirt from Petite Lemon.

We love Petite Lemon’s personalized shirts because they are not those ‘cheapies’ that itch and scratch, these are top-of-the line, soft cotton tees that are personalized with your child’s name and age… Since their exclusive collection includes over one hundred exclusive designs, you are sure to find the perfect one for your little one. Plus, you can often choose a specific color, as well…

Anyways, Little Miss opened her first presents of the day and loved her whole outfit.

Petite Lemon Birthday Shirt


She was beaming from head to toe, totally excited about turning five.

After her mid-day nap, we surprised her with some afternoon fun! HA, ha, ha!

DSC08076All in all, Little Miss had an amazing birthday that would not have been the same without walking around in her personalized tee-shirt from Petite Lemon!

Petite Lemon Birthday

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  1. That t-shirt is just so fun and perfect for special occasions like birthdays!

  2. What a cute shirt! Love it.

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