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Item – Flying Heros
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Perfect gift for – Children ages 4+

Little Man is a huge Spider-man fan. I think that Spider-man has been his favorite super-hero for going on three years now, which is a long time for s six-year-old. He loves everything about Spider-man and his Holiday wish list is filled with tons of Spider-man items. One of the items he actually received a bit early because he opened the box before I could get to him. HA! I guess it was just calling to him. You should have seen his face when he opened the flap and saw a Spider-Man Flying Hero.

Of course he wanted to play with it immediately and now takes this toy with him everywhere, whether he is going to a friends or his Uncle’s his Spider-Man Flying Hero is with him.

2013-09-19 19.20.55

If you haven’t heard of the new Flying Heroes line; it is very cool… Superman, Batman, and Spider-man all take flight.With a quick pull from the launcher, kids can unleash their favorite superheroes and watch them FLY like never before.

Now, it took Little Man a bit to understand that you really have to TUG the launcher line, to get it to fly, but after a bit, he got it.

2013-09-19 19.26.11-2 2013-09-19 19.26.07 2013-09-19 19.25.46

All in all, Little Man just loved his new toy and I am sure yours will, as well! The Flying Heroes line is for kids ages 4+ and is priced about $16.99, so it is the perfect gift for under the tree! 

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*Disclosure – This is a product sponsored post, all views and opinions are honest and our own! 


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