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Today we had to say goodbye…

Hello my lovely readers... today I come to you with a very heavy heart and many, many tears. You see, today I had to say goodbye to my sweet dog Titan. Titan was the first big gift I purchased as a surprise for Hubby about eleven years ago. It was our first Christmas together and Hubby had been talking about the miniature pinschers that he left at with his parents when he came to move in with me. So, I did my homework, found a breeder, put … [Read more...]

Last minute stocking stuffers & HOT TAMALES® Snickerdoodles recipe…

The holidays will be here in no time. Whether you are looking for fun snacks for your holiday parties or last minute stocking stuffers, MIKE AND IKE® can help. Now offering MIKE AND IKE® Merry Mix and MIKE AND IKE® Minion Mix, as well as, MIKE AND IKE®Original Fruits and HOT TAMALES® Fierce Cinnamon all perfect for holiday parties and last minute stocking stuffers.  MIKE AND IKE® Merry Mix comes in a 14 oz bag, perfect for all your … [Read more...]

Save now on your last minute gifts… #MoreMerry #ad .

 *Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post. I am a Sears blogger and all opinions are my own. Oh my goodness, Christmas is THIS WEEK! Are you ready? If you are like me and have a few last minute gifts to get, I would suggest checking out your neighborhood Sears or going to Why? Well, because they have some awesome deals that can save you money!   Here is what YOU could save on your last minute gifts... 30% EXTRA off when … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide – stock up now on Pass the Party Games & a last minute Star Wars Gift

Holiday Gift Guide Info -  Company - Hasbro Toys Product - Star Wars Command Star Destroyer Set and Pass the Party Games Shop - Perfect gifts for children It is official, Christmas will be here before you know it, are you ready? Well, if you are like me and have a house full of guests arriving soon, you may want to think of stocking up on some Hasbro Pass the Party Games and at the same time, be sure to shop for those … [Read more...]

Winner, winner chicken dinner – are you a winner?

All winners are emailed but sometimes winners emails go to Junk so I also announce them in each entry form... Winners announced in the following Giveaways - click the links below  and check the entry forms... CLICK HERE to see if you won the RAVPower External Charger CLICK HERE to see if you are a winner of the Scorpion Gatling Blaster CLICK HERE to see if you won the Bake Like an Elf Prize CLICK HERE to see if you won the Bamboo Bubby … [Read more...]

Our get pampered like a rock star birthday party using a Rock Star Girl Party Kit

This was a huge month for us as not only are we celebrating the holidays we are also celebrating Little Miss' 6th birthday. Hard to believe that my baby girl will be six soon, as I feel like she was born just yesterday. This birthday was a big one for her because she decided that she no longer wanted the princess themed parties that we have always had for her, instead she wanted a big girl party. What did that mean? Well, she wanted something … [Read more...]

Five easy steps to help couples reconnect during the holidays

*Disclosure - This #YoursandMine shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. The holidays are here and it is a joyous time of year. Right? Well, not always. The holidays can also bring on unwanted stress to a relationship. The stress of shopping for each other and the stress of spending money can really put a damper on intimacy. This is why it is super-important for couples to take time for … [Read more...]

Learn about Nokia Lumia with T-Mobile at Walmart & enter to win 1 of 5 Walmart Gift Cards

Do you need a new phone or phone plan? Well, we have been shopping around since our plan is up. Because we have a big family we need a plan that meets all of our needs and one that is affordable. The thing we all have in common is that we all love music... which is why we are leaning towards the Nokia Lumina 530 since it offers free music streaming with T-Mobile at Walmart. You see,  as you know, Hubby is a home improvement contractor and … [Read more...]

Before you travel, sleep, or head to the dorm, be sure you are bed bug protected

So, the other evening, as we put Little Man to bed we gave him a kiss and said the same thing we say every night, "good night, sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite!" Now, we have said this for as long as I remember and for the first time I started thinking about that phrase and, of course, became obsessed with what a bed bug actually is. I found out that bed bugs are actual bugs that feed on human blood and that they can be found … [Read more...]

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