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We are a household built on snacks! I know, this is not something that most are proud of and if you would have asked me some time ago, I would have been ashamed; but since switching to healthier snacks I am proud to say it. I allow my children to have two snacks a day. One snack after mid-afternoon nap time and then a dessert-snack after dinner. Not knowing any better, I used to allow my kids to eat handfuls of fatty and sugary snacks, but after years of weight-problems I finally made a life-changing choice to eat healthier and realized that I had to teach my kids to do the same. I mean, if we don’t teach them when they are young, how are they going to know which foods and snacks to purchase and eat as adults? This is why we love Van’s Natural Foods, the market leader in gluten-free and allergy-friendly, natural and organic frozen breakfast and snack foods! Now, I know you probably know them from their well-known waffles, pancakes, French toast sticks, cereal, crackers and snack bars, but they have just added some yummy additions to their line of healthy snack products!



Offering two new PB & J snack bars, as well as, two flavors of gluten-free, multigrain chips Van’s Natural Foods has created some yummy snack choices for families to enjoy. These guilt-free treats keep it real, containing no high fructose corn syrup, artificial ingredients, hydrogenated oils or GMO oils. I love that I can “Treat myself” and not feel guilty!

Now, I was unsure how my children would like the new snack choices so I made it a game, telling them that we were going to taste test some chips! HA! They got very excited and lined up for the test. I put the Gluten Free Multigrain Nacho, Nacho Man Chips on one side of the plate and the Gluten Free Multigrain Mighty Good BBQ Chips on the other!

DSC08712 DSC08716I then allowed the kids to try each chip.

Taste Test Vans Taste Test 2They each tried both sides of the plate and then continued trying another and another. I kept asking which chip they liked better and after trying many, many chips, they both agreed that they liked the Gluten Free Multigrain Nacho, Nacho Man Chips best!

Taste Test WinnerI tried each chip myself and though I liked the Gluten Free Multigrain Mighty Good BBQ Chips, I had to agree that I couldn’t stop eating the Gluten Free Multigrain Nacho, Nacho Man Chips! HA!!! When Hubby got home he tried them and said that he liked the Gluten Free Multigrain Mighty Good BBQ Chips best! HA!!

The next day, at afternoon snack-time I brought out the PB & J Snack Bars. Little Man was the first to try it and he was totally won over. He loved, loved, loved the Blueberry& Peanut Butter Snack Bar and has chosen it as his snack every day since.

2014-01-27 15.00.10 2014-01-27 15.00.39 PB J Snack Bar


He loves that he has a snack that is yummy that fills him up until dinner and I love that I can pronounce every ingredient in his snack and that he is eating something that is low in calories and sugar!

So, if you have a snack-loving family, I would suggest checking out all the yumminess that Van’s Natural Foods has to offer, available at a local store near you!

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  1. Tiffani P. says:

    I would like to try the fire roasted veggie crackers.

  2. ColleenMarie says:

    I would like to try the Pancakes

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