Our doggie rescue story…

We did it; we brought a new baby home to join our family. Now, we have been talking about this for some time and went back and forth with the type of doggie to get. You see, we love our min-pin, but since my Father-in-Law has taken the min-pin as his dog, the dog is now fat, spoiled, and lazy. We wanted a dog that would play and do things with the family.

So, last week we had to run to the store to get some supplies and there was this adorable dog sitting in a wired crate looking like she wanted to get out and play. The kids and I said hello and Hubby went into the store. Just when Hubby came out he saw the dog and boy was I shocked when he asked me if I wanted her. WOW!

pet adoptionThe lady from the pet shelter told us all about the dog. She is a boxer/retriever/lab mix about two years old. She has a micro-chip but the numbers are all disconnected. She had been at the shelter with no back-yard for about three weeks and is unfortunately on the list to be put down, as they just do not have room and all the shelters in San Antonio are overrun with dogs. UGH, my stomach turned and I knew this little girl had to come home with us. We removed her from the crate and took her on a short walk to see how she was with the kids.

Doggie Rescue walkingHubby said that she was really well behaved so we filled out the paperwork and brought her home… Wow, what an adjustment it has been with so many things we have had to do to welcome her to our family.

Here are the steps we have taken:

1. We changed the information on her micro-chip to ours, in case she should ever get lost again.

2. We purchased her a new pet tag with her name and our phone number.

Pet Adoption Doggie Tags3. We got her all the necessities; doggie bowls, leash, and TOYS!

Dog rescue Pet Toys4. We introduced her to our min-pin.

Dog Rescue Introducing petsNormally we would take her to the vet to be checked out, but thankfully the shelter took care of all of that, including her rabies shot.

I think we have everything covered so far… now we have to work on:

1. Her barking at the min-pin… she is great with us and other dogs, but she wants to play with the min-pin so badly that she barks non-stop

2. Her jumping up on us

3. Chewing on shoes and other objects, like my iPad case

Doggie Rescue Chew Toys ipad

Have any advice? Please share below… 








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