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Giveaway! Little Man’s going to have a Captain America Easter – win a child’s costume of your choice

Do your little ones think about Easter? Mine do! You see, they go to Church and Awanas and we always make a great day out of Easter, filled with waking up to Easter Baskets filled with goodies, then going to Church, then onto an Easter egg hunt or two. Of course, we always end the day with a grand family-filled Easter dinner. Easter is a day to celebrate in our family but unlike some families we don't over-do it with Easter candy. I mean, don't … [Read more...]

Giveaway! Win a G/C for boy shoes from Florsheim kids

Little Man considers himself to be a stylish kid. He puts mousse in his hair every day, makes sure his shirt matches his pants, and he always wears awesome kicks. This is why he loves Florsheim Kids Shoes. You may know the name, Florsheim since they have been creating amazing mens shoes since 1892. From what my Father-in-Law tells me, back in his day, you weren't a man until you owned a paid of Florsheim loafers. Well, Florsheim still offers … [Read more...]

Dove® Deodorant caring for the sensitivity of your armpit

I have a confession to make; I always thought that it was normal that my underarms would itch and break out all the time. I would shave, put deodorant on and within minutes my armpit would tingle and burn and by the end of the day you would catch me constantly itching and scratching. I had no clue that this wasn't normal behavior until my dermatologist suggested that I switch up my deodorant. After doing some homework I found that Dove® … [Read more...]

Chicken Stir Fry with a Peanut Ginger Sauce Recipe & Marukan Gourmet Vinegar Prize Package

The other day I had a long discussion with my nephew about cooking. We laughed at the fact that I make dinner most every night and have been for a very long time, yet I have always been afraid to use any kind of soy sauce or rice vinegar. Unlike me, my nephew uses these ingredients all the time and explained that I should only use natural products with rich flavors and aromas. I then showed him a box I had received from Marukan Vinegar. As soon … [Read more...]

Target has teamed up with Big G & DC Comics Justice League

Little Man is so super-excited that Cheerios has teamed up with  DC Comics Justice League to offer a little gift in specially marked Big G cereal boxes available at Target. What exactly are they giving us? Well, just an exclusive, collectible Justice League comic book featuring an awesome adventure of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the rest of the Justice League while supplies last! Nice, right? I received a box of Cheerios … [Read more...]

Skip the candy Giveaway – Alternative Easter Gifts

I don't know about you, but one of the things I dislike about Easter is all the candy that is pushed onto kids. I don't mind a chocolate bunny or a couple peeps, but really, who needs a whole Easter basket filled with candy? This is why I am always thinking of alternative Easter gift ideas. One idea I have is making a bunny packed Easter basket. Cloud b offers the cutest Glow Cuddles Bunny around. Perfect as a nighttime companion, sure to … [Read more...]

#Giveaway – Learning is fun with a Magnetic Learning Board from The Learning Journey International

One thing that Hubby and I feel very strong about is learning. We push our children to do the best that they can at everything they do. We spend time with each of the them teaching them new things. Baby Miss is working on learning her letters, Little Miss is working on sight words, and Little Man is working on spelling and is advanced in reading. The problem that we often face is finding new ways to teach them, without losing their attention. You … [Read more...]

Throwback Thursday – 3/27 – Baby Miss 2011

Throwback ThursdayI have decided to share with you a bit about us, by sharing our Throwback Thursday Photos... They can be from my childhood, all the way up to last year... Would love if you would comment if you love my photos and to let me know if I should continue sharing. Thanks so much … [Read more...]

Eggtastic fuel-filled breakfast sandwich Recipe & my life ingredients

My Life Ingredients are simple -  GOD,  family, friends, healthy living, and good food. The great thing about my life ingredients is that they all work together to make me the person I am. One of my latest quests in life is making good food healthy by making healthy choices in everything I make, by choosing better ingredients. Alpine Lace Deli Cheese is awesome as it provides a balanced snack that fuels you. Plus most varieties of Alpine Lace® … [Read more...]

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