Eggtastic fuel-filled breakfast sandwich Recipe & my life ingredients

My Life Ingredients are simple –  GOD,  family, friends, healthy living, and good food. The great thing about my life ingredients is that they all work together to make me the person I am. One of my latest quests in life is making good food healthy by making healthy choices in everything I make, by choosing better ingredients. Alpine Lace Deli Cheese is awesome as it provides a balanced snack that fuels you. Plus most varieties of Alpine Lace® Deli Cheese are reduced fat, perfect for snacking on the go or adding delicious flavor to your favorite sandwich. Its great taste comes from high-quality ingredients, and it provides a good source of protein and calcium.

This is my go-to breakfast – eggtastic fuel-filled breakfast sandwich recipe!

Breakfast Sandwich Recipe


Breakfast Sandwich Recipe Ingredients

This is so simple to make…


Whisk the eggs till they are bubbly (I add a dash of milk to make them fluffy)

Mix in the diced tomatoes and spring onions, as well as the spinach

Alpine Lace Egg Mixture


While you cook the egg mixture, toast the English Muffin!

Tip – Add one slice of Alpine Lace Deli Cheese Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese on one side of the English Muffin and the Turkey Sausage with another slice of Alpine Lace Deli Cheese Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese on the other side. Then toast everything together until the cheese is melted and bubbly.

Alpine Lace TipAdd the eggs to the sandwich and you have an ooey-gooey good sandwich that will fuel your day!

Alpine Lace Swiss breakfast sandwich recipe

All in all, I know that this sandwich wouldn’t be as amazing without Alpine Lace® Deli Cheese that helps fuel my busy day, providing me the energy and deliciousness to prepare me for my next adventure.

I stopped by visit Alpine Lace and created my own personalized nutrition label outlining my own recommended daily allowance of happiness!

my Life Ingredients Alpine Lace

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*Disclosure – This post is sponsored by Alpine Lace but my Life Ingredients are my own. I abide by all FTC Regulations. 


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