Latina or Style Bloggers Needed for Paid Opps…

Are you a Latina Blogger? Do you like talking about Style??? Then Linqia is looking for you…

Linqia works with many bigger brands on paid opps for you to post and promote a product for $$$. Once accepted you will be invited into a campaign with a specific budget. One you accept the campaign you will post and promote the ‘link’ and get paid for it. I learned to promote more than my budget because they will use your total clicks to estimate your next budget.

$15 from Adventures of 8

If you fit any of the following…

  • The primary channel is a blog, forum or community.
  • Have 1,000+ visitors or followers on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Demonstrate healthy engagement from members.
  • Focused on “Parenting” or “Home & Garden”.
  • The audience is primarily based in North America.

Then CLICK HERE to sign up…for paid opps


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*Disclosure Рthis is an affiliate post. All views and opinions are honest and my own. 

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