Are your dental devices fresh & clean? #FreshGuard is perfect for mouthguards, braces, and dentures

A couple of years ago I started waking up in the middle of the night with jaw pain and a headache. After a few nights I realized that I was clenching my jaw shut, I thought it was odd, but that was it. Then I went to the Dentist who said I was grinding my teeth while I slept and that by doing so I was hurting my teeth. This is when I was introduced to my mouthguard. It is a a plastic piece that fits over my top teeth perfectly and protect all my teeth from grinding. I began using it and within a few days I realized how annoying it was to clean the darn thing. The cleaner the Dentist gave me worked fine, but it didn’t feel nor smell fresh and I also noticed that it was becoming cloudy. This is why I was excited to join Smiley360 to try a #FreshGuard by Efferdent clean pack.

FreshGuard Cleaning PackThe pack came with:

  • One 24 ct of Fresh Guard Soak
  • One 20 ct of Fresh Guard Wipes
  • One white mesh bag with branded zipper pull
  • One branded compact mirror
  • One branded case for removable dental devices

The next morning when I woke up excited to try the Fresh Guard Soak. I read the directions and emptied a packet into a cup of warm water. The water immediately began foaming up and turned a dark blue.  I removed my nasty mouthguard from my mouth and dropped it in the water.

FreshGuard Soak turns blue

As the minutes past I watched as the water turned to an almost clear blue and then took my mouthguard out.

Fresh Guard Soak

After rinsing it I was shocked at how clean it was. It was almost as clear as the day I received it and it had a minty smell.

FreshGuard Mouth GuardWhat was even more awesome was that when I put it in my mouth that evening it still felt clean and smelled minty fresh! SCORE, right?

Well, the next morning I decided to try the Fresh Guard Wipes. These are individual wipe packs perfect for travel. I removed a wipe and placed my mouthguard in the middle of the wipe. Then I enclosed it with the wipe and rubbed the mouthguard clean. When I was finished the mouthgaurd was wiped clean. It smelled fresh and minty. I will say that it wasn’t AS clean as with the soak, but it was perfect for use on vacations or when you don’t have time for the soak.

FreshGuard Wipes


Efferdent™ Fresh Guard is not just for mouthguards, they can also be used on dentures, retainers, even clear braces! So if you or someone you know is looking for a way to keep their dental devices clean and fresh, I would suggest Fresh Guard™!

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*Disclosure – this is a sponsored post on behalf of Efferdent and Smiley360. All views and opinions are honest and my own. 


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