Five steps for packing for the family for the perfect vacation!

Summer is upon us and with it comes Summer travel. Those of us with kids know that Summer vacation can be great, but planning one can be very stressful. I am not talking about booking your reservations, I am talking about packing, ha! This Summer we have a few trips in front of us and to make life easier I have come up with some steps for packing for the whole family for the perfect vacation.

BEFORE PACKING you need good LUGGAGE– After years and years of travel one thing I learned is that luggage is one of the most important things to invest in. Whether you are heading out on your own or packing for the family, you need something that not only fits your vacation needs, but can withstand the tumbles of traveling. Since we will be gone for a full week this Summer we chose the TravelPro® Marquis® 29″ Expandable Rollaboard® Luggage!

TravelPro Marquis Luggage

I am sure you have heard of TravelPro, as they have been offering light-weight and affordable luggage choices since 1919! The luggage we chose has so many amazing aspects it was the perfect choice. The Patent-pending MagnaTrac system has self-aligning magnetic dual wheel spinners that ensure luggage rolls in a straight line, which will make walking to and from the airport and resorts much easier.

TravelPro Marquis

Offering tons of space and zippered compartments, we are sure that it will fit everything the kids need for vacation!

TravelPro Compartments

Oh, and the zippered expansions, low-profile carry handles, as well as, a PowerScope Extension Handle and Next-generation Contour Grip will make travel easy on all of us!

Zipped expansions Easy to travel luggageNow that we are set with luggage, we are ready for the next steps. These following five steps will help ensure you will have an easy time packing for the family!

5 Steps for packing for the family

Five steps for packing for the family!

Step 1 – When packing for the family I have come to depend on storage bags.

Trip Items

My important go-to bag contains necessities such as:

  • Sunblock – choose a lotion that is safe to use on the whole family. I choose Block Island Organics, which is a non-toxic mineral based (zinc and titanium), as opposed to chemical based. Since it is non-comedogenic, vegan formulated, paraben free, phthalate free, nano particle free, artificial fragrance free, and non-eye irritating, I am able to use it on the whole family, including Little Miss’ sensitive skin.
  • Day time and night-time pain relievers for adults, as well as, any children’s medications you may need – Truth is that on vacations we all tend to over-do things; whether it be throwing the kids around the pool or running in the sand, sometimes aches and pains take over. You want to bring these medications since some resorts tend to over price these items.
  • Detangling spray – Many Summer vacations include spending time in the sun, at the pool, and even the beach. This can make hair very hard to handle. A good detangler can make life much easier.
  • Eye and ear drops – I always bring these two items as my kids tend to get red eyes from the chlorine and salt water and ear aches from swimming around. It is something that is always better to have on hand, if needed.
  • Lotion and rash treatments – Skincare is a must while on vacation. I always recommend bringing your own lotion, especially if you have sensitive skin. Rash treatment should also be brought if you have any young ones who will be running around on the beaches.

fun and games for vacations

Step 2 – Something that often gets overlooked when packing for the family is games.

I recommend bringing games the kids can play while at the hotel. I am not sure about you, but I like to sleep in a bit on vacations and I really enjoy some quiet down time mid-afternoons!  To do this, the kids need things to stay busy. I recommend bringing coloring books, family games the family can play together, such as uKloo, which is a fun treasure hunt game, as well as, individual games for the kids such as a LeapPad or Nintendo DS!

Swim Stuff

Step 3 – Don’t forget the swim stuff!

When packing for the family you need to keep in mind all of the things you will be doing. Whether you have an action-packed or laid back schedule, many family vacations include pool or beach fun! Most resorts have dress codes so you will need to cover up when walking to the pool and/or beach. Be sure to bring swim dresses or cover-ups, as well as, flippies and swim shoes. Most importantly do not forget goggles – your eyes will thank you!

first aidStep 4 – First aid is a must! 

Many resorts offer first aid but it is nice to have your own on hand to help those blisters and boo boos on your own. Anti-itch creams are needed as mosquito’s love the beach!

Lovies and Blankies

Step 5 – Luvies & blankies – 

Kids can get a little overwhelmed sleeping in a new place. So when packing for the family allow them to bring something from home! My kids love to bring their lovies and any blankies, as it helps them feel secure at night. I also try to remember to bring a night-light with us. 

All in all, these five steps will help you pack for the perfect vacation! Be sure to check out for all of your luggage needs, for a fun family game, and for your sunscreen needs!

Is there any must-haves when packing for the family for your vacations? Comment below!

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*Disclosure – this is a product-sponsored post. All views and opinions are honest and our own.





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  1. Angela S says:

    That looks like a nice piece of luggage. I am totally with you on the games. Playing cards and games is something my family loves to do in hotel rooms at night.

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