I am going to slim down for Summer – Follow along

As you all know, I have been on a health kick for a couple of years. I started eating much healthier and started working on taking care of my body. Along the way, I have been working on and off with Katie, a Beach Body Coach. Katie is unlike any fitness coach I have had in the past; though she is far from me, she stays in touch, pushes me when I need it, and gives me help along the way. Her website Get Healthy with Katie not only offers you an assortment of life-changing choices, but you can also read about her own transformation of being a Mom of twins to her amazing self, today!

Well, I contacted her a bit ago because I wanted to slim down for Summer and after much discussion about what would be a good fit for me and my lifestyle, we agreed on the new 10-Minute Trainer® Challenge Pack! I had seen some commercials online and was curious how it would work with my schedule. The truth is that I have had some issues following other at-home-workouts because I get bored and side-tracked easily, plus, I don’t have too much time without the kids needing something from me.

The great thing about working with Katie is that I not only received the 10-Minute Trainer® Challenge Pack, but I also joined her Facebook June Challenge group, where I am held accountable for my day-to-day activities, without feeling pushed or uncomfortable.

10 Minute Trainer Set Up

I received my  10-Minute Trainer® Challenge Pack along with one month supply of Shakeology and we excited to begin. The set comes with three discs with a total of six ten-minute total body workouts, along with a set of bands, a waist band, two work-out calendars and tons of information.

6 Total Workouts

My favorite part is that I could choose from a getting started calender of workouts or an accelerate results calender, which offers a choice of one to three workouts a day. Since I am trying to slim down for Summer, I chose to follow the accelerated results calendar and began last Sunday. I started by measuring my body parts, taking photos of myself (not fun) and weighing myself.

Accelerated Results

I started with two of the ten-minute workouts and oh my goodness, they kicked my bum! Using the bands, I worked up a total sweat. By the end of the twenty minutes, I was ready to collapse, but felt great!

Now I have been following the first week, doing two 10-minute workouts a day, along with my morning Shakeology Shake and I feel great! With the help of Katie, I am making better food choices, drinking TONS of water, and working out every day! Oh and I have already lost four pounds.

10 Minute Trainer Makes me sweat

Do you want to be Summer-ready? Do you want someone to push you, yet not hound you? Do you need motivation and accountability? If so, I would suggest that you contact Katie today to find out which program would work best for YOUR lifestyle!

Oh and if you sign up for a free account  NOW, you will receive a FREE list of good food ideas, as well as a 3 day cleanse to follow to shed some pounds for a weekend party!

Don’t forget to follow my transformation here on the blog and on Instagram HERE! I hope to work myself up to three workouts a day, here soon!

Do you think the 10-Minute Trainer® Challenge Pack would fit in your lifestyle to help you slim down for Summer? Comment below!


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