Don’t wait for the truck, make an ice cream run! #IceCreamRun

It has officially begun, no, not Summer, but Texas Summer where temperatures pass the 100 degree mark. Wow, right? Yup, I despise Texas Summers, since I am a girl from the North East who is not used to the heat. If I’m not not in the AC I am in the pool or trying to find ways to beat the heat. For example, the other day I was running around with the kids. Baby Miss was in a cranky mood and wanted to be Princess Snow White and Little Man thought it would be a good time to pull out his Spiderman costume. (This is our life, ha, you have to choose your battles, right?) Anyways, as we were getting in the car from our last errand of the day, I asked the kids what they wanted to do. In unison, the three kids shouted that they wanted ice cream. I didn’t blame them, it was hot and sticky outside and we had been running around like crazy. None of us wanted to wait to see if the ice cream truck would come by, so instead we made one last stop at our neighborhood Walgreens to stock up.

ice cream RunOnce we got there Little Miss and Spidey made their way to the frozen section with Princess Snow White and I behind them. Man, talk about choices; just so many to choose from! Since my three wonderful kids can never agree on a type or flavor we chose an assortment of ice cream.

Ice Cream Run at WalgreensThe whole trip added maybe five minutes to our day and was totally worth it. All three kids chose really good items and we made our way home to dig in.

ice cream at walgreensI tell you, one of my favorite things about working from home are moments like these; when I can sit down, just me and the kids, to enjoy some yummy ice cream while talking and laughing.

ice cream partyEach of the kids had no issues digging in and sharing with each other.

Walgreens Ice cream partySpidey told us stories about saving the world while Little Miss and Princess Snow White discussed ‘castle’ affairs. Ha! Meanwhile, I just enjoyed the moment of true bliss. There is nothing more important to me than the moments spent with my kids, especially when ice cream is involved!

When was the last time that you decided NOT to wait for the ice cream truck and instead made an #IceCreamRun? Comment below!



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