Back to school shopping on a budget & a 20% discount code

I can’t believe that school starts here in Texas in just a few short weeks. Between you an me, things have been crazy purchasing back-to-school supplies and signing the kids up for after-school sports. Then just the other day, Little Miss reminded me that we haven’t even started any of their back-to-school clothes shopping! AHHH! After looking at our budget, things will be very tight and what little money we do have will be split between the three kids. This is why I was excited that I can do my back to school shopping on a budget at Schoola.

Not only can I purchase name-brand, almost-new clothing for all the kids at a great price, I also help fund extra-curricular activities for schools in need. You see, when you sign up for an Account at Schoola you can either have a School bag sent to you to fill with clothing to donate or you can shop at School. When you shop, a percentage goes to which-ever school you choose to help, you can even choose your child’s school.

I chose to help Yick Wo Elementary to reach their goal of getting $25,000 to fund an art program. I think art is a major part of imagination and love that my shopping will help this school. 

To learn more about the  Yick Wo Elementary click play below… 

Anyways, I found so many great deals at Schoola, perfect for back to school shopping on a budget!

Look at some of the things I found for Little Man…

Shopping on Schoola 1I was also able to grab some dresses and skirts for Little Miss…

Back to school dresses


As well as some jeans for the girls and a nice shirt for Little Man!

A Back to school pants and jeansOh and if you need school uniforms, Schools offers those, as well.

Schoola Uniforms

All in all, I love that I am able to do all of my back to school shopping on a budget, all the while helping a school keep extra-curricular activities…

Oh, and if you get your back-to-school shopping done before August 20th, you can get 20% off your order and get $1.00 for every order donated to Yick Wo just by using coupon code BacktoSchoola20! So CLICK HERE and start shopping NOW!

Have you started your back to school shopping on a budget? Comment below…

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*Disclosure – this is a sponsored post. All views and opinions are honest and our own. 



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