Five helpful tips for healthy hair & a coupon!

Five helpful tips for healthy hair!

As I am sure you have heard by my numerous posts that I have many hair issues. One of them being oily hair. The problem I face is that many hair products tend to weigh my hair down or add extra oil, which I don’t need. I also tend to get shampoo build-up which weighs my hair down, as well. NOT FUN!!!

Five tips for healthy hair

These are my tips for healthy hair!

1. Keep hair appointments – This is one of my important tips for healthy hair. If you are anything like me than you often put off getting your hair cut. I know, I know… other things seem to come first! But keeping your hair appointments isn’t just great for helping you feel beautiful, it helps get rid of dead ends and your hair dresser can make suggestions to help you in anyway possible.

2. Rinse Frequently – I know many say to not wash your hair every day and I kind of go by this. I recommend RINSING your hair daily then washing every other day.

3. Use a good hair care products –  I use Clear Scalp & Hair. Not only does it smell amazing, it gently cleanses my hair and nourishes my scalp making my hair strong, healthy, and beautiful. Folks, I am being totally honest here. I love the Clear Scalp & Hair so much that I have even purchased little bottles for my gym bag… ha! Great thing is that it is even on Rollback at Walmart RIGHT NOW! CLICK HERE for the printable coupon!

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4. Rinse chlorine and sea salt from hair – I know, I know; none of us wants to stay away from the beach or pool, so my recommendation is to rinse as soon as you get out of the ocean or pool.

Healthy Hair products

5. Don’t sleep in any kind of pony tail holder – My step-mom is a hair dresser and she used to yell at me all the time saying that pony tails break your hair. To make sure to remove all hair clips and pony tail holders before going to sleep!

 Do you have any tips for healthy hair? Be sure to comment below!


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  1. Christine says:

    I never blow dry my hair, and I don’t use a curling iron. I twist my hair the old fashion way.

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