A good oral hygiene routine is a must… let Crest Pro-Health help

The first thing people notice when meeting each other is their smile. And the second thing; their teeth! This is why good oral hygiene is a must. I admit that I didn’t really worry too much as I was lucky and had really great teeth. Then in my late twenties I realized I was grinding my teeth and years of accessive smoking as a teenager and coffee as an adult left my teeth dingy and not very attractive. This is why I am obsessed with not only taking care of my teeth but also with teaching good oral hygiene to my kids. They often brush in my bathroom, so it is important that they SEE me brushing properly so that they can follow in my foot steps.

This is why I was happy to work with Smiley 360 to review a Crest Pro-Health package. I received two bottles of Crest Pro-Health Tarter Protection Rinse, one tube of Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste, and a Oral-B toothbrush!

Oral health routine

Crest Pro-Health helps you escape the scrape at your next dentist visit by working hard to keep your teeth healthy. The first thing I noticed about my Oral B toothbrush was how intricate the head was. Offering CrissCross® bristles and a tongue and cheek cleaner I couldn’t wait to brush. right toothbrushI put some of the minty-smelling toothpaste on the toothbrush and from the moment I began brushing I could feel the mint-bursts throughout my mouth. 

brushing teethThe toothpaste foamed up and the toothbrush reached to every part of my mouth with no issues. It almost felt like I was massaging my teeth and gums. HA!

brushing properlyWhen I was done, I rinsed with the Crest Pro-Health Tarter Protection Rinse and I was ready to go. My mouth felt fresh and clean all day long.

Before and afterAfter weeks of doing this good oral hygiene routine my mouth feels amazing. My teeth look great and I was smiling as I left the dentist last week, cavity-free.

good oral hygiene


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Do you have a good oral hygiene routine? Comment below and let me know!

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*Disclaimer – this is a sponsored post on behalf of Smiley360. All views and opinions are honest and our own. 

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  1. I’m horrible at remembering to floss, I need to get better. I do love those tooth brushes with the tongue scrubber on the back.

  2. Brandy M.
    Twitter: Farmerswiferam

    Oral hygiene is so important! I find that we do better during the school year because we are back into a routine. During the summer our times fluctuate and we only get our teeth brushed once a day :(.

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