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Win Brad Paisley Tickets, Free Recipes & a Walmart G/C. Giveaway

Who here loves a good cheeseburger? What about Brad Paisley? Both of my hands are up high as I am a huge fan of both, which is why I was okay with posting this post on behalf of Lunchbox, but as always, my opinions are honest and my own. I am super-excited because not only do I have an awesome contest to tell you about, there are some great recipes, as well. My favorite part of a burger is the toppings. I know, sounds crazy, but it is. A good … [Read more...]

How to take the Purina One 28 Day Challenge

This is so cool... Precious has signed up for the Purina One 28 Day Challenge. As you know, Precious is still a bit new to our family so I am always looking for ways to make her happy, all the while trying to keep her healthy. So, when Smiley360 asked if they could send me a package of Purina One to try I figured I would give it a try. Just by registering for the Purina One 28 Day Challenge you will receive a coupon for $3.00 off your … [Read more...]

No wardrobe is complete without a good pair of back to school boots

Little Miss is so very excited. You see, she is finally going to the same school as Little Man as she is entering Kinder and she can't wait. She has literally been counting down the days since she graduated from pre-K. So, of course, to help her enter not only a new class but a new school we went back to school shopping. We got her a bunch of very cute outfits and dresses that all match her favorite pair of Umi back to school boots. You see, … [Read more...]

Help the men in your life wake up and feel refreshed!

Do you have a man in your life who never wants to get out of bed? Oh my goodness, I totally do. No matter what time Hubby goes to bed at night when that alarm goes off the snooze button is pressed. Ha, ha, ha... I have tried having him go to sleep as early as 9pm and even on nights he says he sleeps great, getting out of bed is not his thing and he just can't wake up and feel refreshed. Even on days that we have something fun planned for the … [Read more...]

The most unique children’s gift idea – learn about toogiez

What would you say if I told you that there is a company that makes tee shirts with fun little stuffed plushy that velcros right to it. You would be like, um... wait, what? HA! Well, there is! These fun shirts/toys are called toogiez!  They are a match made in heaven - adorable, collectible plushies that stick to comfy, stylish, specially designed t-shirts. Attached securely and displayed proudly, toogiez are a child’s best friend, wearable … [Read more...]

My new healthy side dish obsession…

As y'all know I have been on a journey to get healthy. Through the months I have learned to look at ingredients and have changed how I serve my meals. Instead of serving a huge chunk of meat, with a big helping of pasta, with a small side dish of veggies I now serve a small portion of meat, a huge portion of veggies, and instead of pasta I look for side dishes with healthy grains. My new healthy side dish obsession is Suddenly Grain Salad™ … [Read more...]

Five helpful tips for healthy hair & a coupon!

Five helpful tips for healthy hair! As I am sure you have heard by my numerous posts that I have many hair issues. One of them being oily hair. The problem I face is that many hair products tend to weigh my hair down or add extra oil, which I don't need. I also tend to get shampoo build-up which weighs my hair down, as well. NOT FUN!!! These are my tips for healthy hair! 1. Keep hair appointments - This is one of my important tips for … [Read more...]

How we pass down our love for music to our kids

Hubby and I both have a major love for music. I am not talking about Mozart or Beethoven; I am talking about 80's music, ha! It is amazing how hearing one song can bring back memories of a different time. For example - when I hear that song, "Shout" by Tears for Fears I remember dancing and singing with my best friend, screaming the words to our friends across the street. By the end of the song we would all be laughing hysterically. TV is so … [Read more...]

Vacationing on a diet #NSNation

I am so super-excited... my little sister had her beautiful baby just a few short weeks ago and I will be traveling in two days to go and see him. YAY! The thing is that I will also be seeing all of my friends back home and going out to eat, almost every night. Vacationing on a diet could be daunting if I were just dieting, but being on Nutrisystem I have choices and freedom. You see... I can pack enough Nutrisystem pantry meals and snacks to … [Read more...]

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