Vacationing on a diet #NSNation

I am so super-excited… my little sister had her beautiful baby just a few short weeks ago and I will be traveling in two days to go and see him. YAY! The thing is that I will also be seeing all of my friends back home and going out to eat, almost every night. Vacationing on a diet could be daunting if I were just dieting, but being on Nutrisystem I have choices and freedom.

You see… I can pack enough Nutrisystem pantry meals and snacks to keep me going all day without feeling guilty. Then I will just add in my salads, veggies, and fruits while at my sisters house.

vacationing on a diet

Watch the video below to see everything in action!

So before I go, I am sure you want to know how I have been doing? Well, I kind of halted in this past week and stayed at my 20 pound loss. It was also ‘that’ time so that may have had something to do with it… but I am still pretty happy. It is nice to actually be okay with being IN the photos now instead of finding any reason to be behind the camera…

Week 6 Recap


Be sure to come back next week to see how how I did while vacationing on a diet.. ha!!

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