Choosing the best dog food for your pup… #GetHealthyHappy

As you all know, I took Precious to the vet a couple of weeks ago to get some ideas on how to be a good pup-parent. The whole appointment went really well and I learned a lot of valuable information. One of the most-important things to do as a pup-parent is to make sure you are feeding your pup the correct food. You see, one food is not always the right food for every pup. The first place to look for information is from your vet, of course, and also just by searching the internet for best dog food for your pup. best dog food

While searching online you can find all sorts of great information on the best dog food. For example offers a great article on how to choose the best dog food. According to the article you want to be sure that the food you are feeding your pet is keeping her coat healthy and sleek. You can also get more customized food for your pup if you are worried about her teeth, weight, and even grain-free dog food.

tips to choosing dog foodIt is also important to keep your pet’s age and breed in mind. For example; Precious is two-years-old and is a very active breed. For these reasons it is recommended that we give her a dog food designed to keep her agile and moving, such as Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult Healthy Mobility™!

Healthy MobilityThis will help keep our large breed dog able to run and jump like she should.

Keep your dog activeNow, the Vet was not too worried about Precious’ oral care, as her gums look really healthy; but if we were, we could even get her Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult Oral CareAdult oral care dog foodIn the end; you want to offer your pup the best dog food to fit her lifestyle and dog conditions. Just keep in mind to always transition to a new dog food slowly and always follow the correct feeding guidelines.

feed dogs the right amount of foodAlways remember healthier pets live happy lives 🙂 #GetHealthyHappy



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Do you feed your pup the best dog food? Comment below with any tips you have!


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  1. These are some great tips! My friend has two dogs, I will pass this on to her.

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