Do you actually know anything about natural dog food? #PawNatural

*Disclaimer – This post is sponsored by Only Natural Pet and the BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the new Canine Canine PowerFood™, but only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Only Natural Pet is not responsible for the content of this article.

As you know, Hubby and I have been on a journey to a better life. About three years ago we took a look at ourselves in the mirror and realized that through our years together we had stopped caring about our health and tended to over-indulge in food. We decided we had to not only lose weight but we had to become healthier people to teach our children to be healthy, themselves. It was a huge adjustment in our lives and we began researching the best foods to help us stay healthy and the most important thing was learning how to read labels.. Now that Precious, our two-year-old pup is a part of our lives, we have to do the same thing for her. She can’t read labels or do homework to find the best dog food so we have to step up and make sure she is staying healthy. Our latest quest has been learning about natural dog food.

You see, there are so many choices out there and Hubby and I have purchased many of them, but as we sit to eat our hormone-free chicken with fresh vegetables, why would we give our Precious something that wasn’t just as healthy? Natural dog food can give your pup all the nutrition she needs by offering fresh ingredients.

Just recently we were sent a package from Only Natural Pet and Precious couldn’t be more excited. The day the box arrived, Little Man carried it inside and Precious came running. It was like she could smell the goodness of this dog food that is free of corn, wheat, oat, gluten, and soy.  We opened the box to find a couple of bags of the NEW Canine PowerFood™, as well as a bag of Venison Jerky Bites and Freeze Dried All Meat Chicken Bites.

Natural Dog Food

Only Natural Pet’s NEW Canine PowerFood™ is perfect for our Precious. It is packed with everything she needs, including protein, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. Plus it also contains low-glycemic carbohydrates like garbanzos and lentils (which are sourced from farms in Minnesota and Wisconsin) and offer healthy, long-lasting energy without spiking blood sugar. This is truly a #farmtobowl experience for Precious as the Canine PowerFood™ is made with hormone and antibiotic-free chicken, as well as, fruits and vegetables that offer important vitamins and minerals.

Only the best natural dog food

If you have followed my journey with Precious than you know that she is a rescue dog who is a bit skittish. She is afraid of all new things, especially things coming from bags, so the first thing we had to do was transport her new food to a container that wouldn’t scare her. (I know, it is nuts, right?) The next thing I had to do was introduce her to the new food by allowing her to try it from my hand. This puts her at ease so that she will give it a try.

I tell you, it was total love at first bite with this dog. She ate the kibble right from my hand and got super-excited. Not sure if it is because it is infused with a proprietary PowerBoost™, which is a raw, freeze-dried blend of superfoods like green lipped mussels, sea cucumbers, probiotics and pumpkin, or if it is just the taste, but she loved it.

First taste of only natural pet food

So over the course of a week or so we switched her to her new natural dog food and she couldn’t be happier. Especially when we sprinkle a bit of the All Natural Freeze Dried, All Meat Chicken Bites over her meal. Freeze Dried Chicken bites

Let me tell you; she is so smitten with the Venison Jerky Bites. She is such a good dog and it is awesome to be able to give her a treat that is good for her.

Venison Jerky bites

Oh and did I mention that Only Natural Pet PowerFood™ was formulated by a holistic vet & made in the USA? And if you were wondering it has all gone through
strict testing & quality measures to ensure safety throughout the process. So in the end, I know that our Precious is getting a natural dog food that is made with fresh ingredients that she loves.

Want to order your own bag of Only Natural Pet’s new Canine PowerFood™? It will be available for purchase on October 6th, exclusively on,, and!


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