The end of my Nutrisystem journey – goals…

Nutrisystem Nation BloggerAs we come to the end of my Nutrisystem journey I have to say I am a bit sad. Nutrisystem has made my life so simple that now is the true test… to see if I can implement the tips and tricks that they taught me into real life. Truth is that over the last week or so I have been testing myself to see how I would do after my Nutrisystem journey and I think I will do pretty well. The biggest thing is remembering not to overindulge and to really keep track of the portions I serve myself.

Over the past three weeks I have had my ups and downs. My Father-in-law went through his bone marrow transfusion and it was a roller coaster of emotions for me. Normally during something like that I would eat, which I will admit I did, but I felt like I made healthier choices. The worst part was that I felt myself getting a bit depressed over what was happening and went from five days a week at the gym to three. Now, these are all good reasons to get depressed and lag a bit, but now I just look at them as excuses and I know that I need to smack myself out of it and just get back into things.

This all being said, over the past two weeks I have not lost anything… 🙁 So my total twelve week weight loss is 28 pounds. I did not make it to my 30 pound goal, but I am not giving up… I love that my size tens are a bit big on me and that I actually fit into my size ten jeans right out of the dryer, which you know means they are normally REALLY tight. ha! (It’s the little things in life, right?)

Nutrisystem week 11 recap

So – when it comes to my Nutrisystem journey here are my ups, downs, and eh’s…


The Fast Five – this is actually an up and down because it was really, really hard but losing so much right off the bat was so exhilarating that it really pushed me.

The food – WHAT? Yes, the food was really great.

The App – The Nutrisystem App was really helpful. I could add in my daily food, water, and activities.

The Website – The website was very helpful because I found so many great recipes and actually found some great advice.


The Fast Five – the Fast Five was really hard on me because I was already really active. I wish they would have one with a bit more protein for more athletic people…

Eh’s …

The Nutrisystem Counselor – I am not sure if it was because I was a Blogger but my counselor was not very on the ball with me. From talking to other Bloggers I hear that some Counselors were awesome, really calling and chatting with them, but mine was gone my first week of Fast Five when I really needed help and checked in just a couple of times. I did not need anyone to really hound me, but I was a bit jealous when I heard that other Bloggers really connected with their Counselor.

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Best Food – I have talked to some friend Bloggers and have come up with a great list of our favorite foods. Feel free to check out their sites to see how they did on their Nutrisystem journey… – I loved the Double Chocolate Muffin for breakfast, the Pepperoni Melt for lunch, as well as, pretty much all of the lunch bars, the Chef’s Table Cavatelli With Broccoli Pesto for dinner, and the Chocolate Brownie Sunday for dessert.

Rachel from – Said that she loves the loaded mashed potatoes. 

Michelle from – Said she loves the following – for breakfast : the frozen burrito… Lunch : the fettuccini Alfredo and I would add chicken spinach and Roma tomatoes to it ( I have a pic on my last blog post / pinterest )… Dinner : chicken bacon ranch pizza, ravioli formaggio.. Dessert : chocolate cupcake

Becky from – Said these are her favorites – Breakfast – Bagelm Lunch – The Pepperoni Melt, Dinner – Beef tips, Dessert – Ice cream Sandwich

So… it seems that though some of us have overlapping favorites there is pretty much something for everyone.

Have you ever thought about taking the Nutrisystem journey? Comment below!

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