iKen Interchangeable Watch – a fun & hip fashion trend!

The other day I went out with Little Man. Midway through shopping he turned to me gave me a hug and said, “Mom, you are the coolest Mom ever!” I was so touched so of course I said, “Darn right, I am!” Ha! I like to think of myself as a cool and hip Mom, which is why I totally had to check out the newest fashion trend; the iKen Interchangeable Watch.

iken interchangeable watchesThis is so cool… with iKen you can design your own watch and then interchange all five parts of the watch to make a new watch.

Build an iKen interchangeable watch

Neat, right? I have to say that designing my own watch was so much fun. At first I thought about doing something bright and hip, but then changed my mind again and again. Using the interactive website I was able to see my design and pick and choose parts and pieces. Then when my imagination stalled, I was able to check out the already-designed watches.  This is where I found the watch I fell in love with, except I wanted a lighter watch face, which I could do since the site allows you to fully customize your order.

-500aI know, not as bright as I would have thought; but I really liked the sleek design. So I placed my order and within no time it arrived at my door. When I opened the box I found a disassembled watch, waiting for me to put together.

iKen Watch Pieces

Thankfully the directions were super-simple to follow and I began assembling it by snapping the bezel piece into place.

Install bezel into the caseOnce that was done, the rest slid in easily!

Slide the bands into placeOnce assembled I put it on my wrist and went about my day. The watch was comfortable to wear and I received so many compliments. This sleek watch went with everything from every-day wear to date-night attire.

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I love showing people how easily it is to disassemble the watch to interchange the pieces.

iken interchangeable watchI can’t wait to order more pieces for my watch to change it up for different, as having an interchangeable watch allows me so many options down the line.

The interchangeable watch iKen

Design your own iKen Interchangeable Watch at iKenWatch.com

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How would you design your iKen interchangeable watch? Comment below to let me know…

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*Disclaimer – this is a product-sponsored post on behalf of iKen Interchangeable Watches. All views and opinions are honest and our own.

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