Losing the pounds with Nutrisystem – week 10

Nutrisystem Nation BloggerThe other night I went out to a club. I know, I know… not something to gloat about; but Hubby’s sister was in town and she and her friends asked us to join them and we did. Now, why am I telling you this? Well… because this was the first time in quiet a while that I got guzzied up in a short little number that hasn’t fit me for ages and felt really great about myself. I walked tall and just felt like I was young and in charge… even Hubby noticed a difference in my demeanor! Of course, I didn’t get any photos of my outfit as we ran out the door, but it was how I felt all night that was really awesome. I knew I had worked hard to lose the pounds and I deserved a night out. I had a few, drinks and had a lot of fun and I even noticed some young bucks checking me out. Yes, this thirty-something Mama of three had guys checking her out. HA!

Why do I feel great? Because I feel like a new person, thanks to Nutrisystem. I am on week ten and only have a few short weeks left and I know I will reach my goal of losing thirty-pounds. I am so close I can feel it.

How does this weight-loss make me feel? I feel confident and strong. I put my mind to losing the pounds and I am actually doing it. That is just awesome to me.

What is my favorite thing about my weight-loss so far? I love knowing that I can pull out ANYTHING from my dresser or closet knowing it will fit. I no longer have that pile of ‘I wish’ clothing…

Have I noticed a change in my body? I have noticed a change… not only does the scale show I am losing the pounds, but my clothes fit better but I see myself thinner.

Have I noticed a change in my stamina – OH my goodness, totally. I no longer get winded walking up the stairs, my feet don’t hurt when I walk too much, and I have just so much energy.

Are there any other differences I have noticed? I actually sleep better. Not sure if it is because I am working out daily so I spend more energy or if it is because I feel better about myself, but I no longer struggle to fall asleep. I am totally exhausted by the end of the day.

Do I have any new Nutrisystem favorites? Actually I am obsessed with the Lunch Pepperoni Pizza Melt and am so sad I only ordered three of them.

Lunch Obsession - Pepperoni Pizza Melt


What is my loss so far? I have lost 28 pounds and my size tens are starting to get a little lose on me – 🙂

NSNation Week 10 Recap

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