Meet Birdie – our interactive pet bird

My kids have been begging me for a new pet. I am unsure why, but for some reason they want something new. When at the pet store the other day they asked if we could get a pet bird. I just laughed thinking of how our little Precious, our fifty-pound pup would react to our brining home a pet bird. Of course I had to shatter their dreams by telling them that there was no way we would get a bird as a pet bird is a lot to take care of. They were so upset with me until we got home and they met the newest member of the family; their very own interactive pet bird!

Birdie little Live pet

Meet Birdie, our Little Live Pets Bird from Moose Toys. Little Live Pets are the newest interactive line of pet birds that look and act like a real pet. The way that this little interactive pet bird works is that it reacts to a touch on its back by tweeting, chirping and even whistling popular nursery rhymes. Little Live Pets Birdie

When we put the batteries in Birdie, he immediately started chirping up a storm and the kids got super-excited… They took turns petting Birdie and laughing hysterically as Birdie ‘played’ along with them. When I told the kids that Birdie also talks, their eyes got huge and they wanted to know how to make him ‘work!’

Interactive pet birdIt is pretty simple – just press the button on Birdie’s chest until he tweets twice. Then say your message and he will repeat it with just a tap of the button on his chest.  If you want him to say a different phrase or word, you just have to ‘reset him’ by holding down the button again until he chirps twice. Little Live Pet Sings - interactive pet bird

Well, Little Man and Little Miss had no issues figuring it out and loved when Birdie repeated everything they said, but Baby Miss just did not get it. I really think it was because she was too impatient to wait for the double tweet before talking. HA!Little Live Pet

Here is a little video of Little Man and Birdie:

In the end… all three love Birdie’s chatter back recording feature and especially love to sing along with him…  

Check out Little Live Pets at

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