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Bloggers needed for an Amazon G/C Giveaway

Adventures of 8 is excited to join Advertise with Bloggers for another multi-blogger event... here are the details... Prize: ThingsFolio will be giving away a $100.00 Amazon Gift Card Run dates: September 22nd-October 11th Entry - One free entry of your choice - Blog follow, pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Blogs must have more than 10,000 followers total social followers and MUST promote daily on social … [Read more...]

2014 Holiday Gift Guide Sponsors Needed (Home-based businesses needed)

Guess what time it is??? The time for us to begin taking sponsors for our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide... If you are a business or home-based business that you will want to be involved...   All the info you need to sign up for our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide can be found HERE!!!     … [Read more...]

Looking for REAL ingredients? Try Nothin’ But Premium Snack Bars and Cookies

If you follow Adventures of 8 then you know that my kids love snacks. The problem is that on my road to teaching them how to live a healthy lifestyle snacks sometimes don't fit in. I mean, have you ever read the ingredients of some of the snack items that are available? Not only are some snack items packed with things I can't read, but it is also packed full of artificial ingredients. This is why I was super-excited to bring Nothin' But Foods to … [Read more...]

Losing the pounds with Nutrisystem – week 10

The other night I went out to a club. I know, I know... not something to gloat about; but Hubby's sister was in town and she and her friends asked us to join them and we did. Now, why am I telling you this? Well... because this was the first time in quiet a while that I got guzzied up in a short little number that hasn't fit me for ages and felt really great about myself. I walked tall and just felt like I was young and in charge... even Hubby … [Read more...]

Foods for healthy hair…

The other day I took the kids to get their hair cut for school and as they sat in the chair I was amazed at how much the summer has changed their hair. Little Miss' hair was dry and had so many split-ends. And Little Man's hair felt brittle. The hairdresser reminded me that there we needed to supply foods for healthy hair and that I need to be sure to take care of everyone's hair. By the time she was done with the kids, she looked at me and … [Read more...]

So many winners announced…. are you a winner?

All winners are emailed but sometimes winners emails go to Junk so I also announce them in each entry form... Winners announced in the following Giveaways - click the links below  and check the entry forms... CLICK HERE to see if you won the personalized party giveaway (Announced 9/7) CLICK HERE to see if you won the Strawberry Shortcake movie (Announced 9/7) CLICK HERE to see if you won the Harvest Grow Bags (Announced 9/7) CLICK … [Read more...]

Fight split ends and save….

With the sun and sand this Summer my hair has been through all holy heck. Not only do I struggle with my hair not being as it should be, I also fight split ends. Do you have the same issues and end up having to fight split ends??? Oh my goodness, I have tried everything from serums to actually cutting off my split ends and it drives me nuts. Well, now I can throw away my scissors as Suave Split End Rescue shampoo and conditioner are … [Read more...]

Amazon G/C Giveaway

FACEBOOK Amazon G/C Giveaway CLICK HERE to enter … [Read more...]

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