Better believe it – a Better CiCi’s Pizza #BetterBelieveIt

I am so excited and I just can’t hold it in anymore… a restaurants that we go to pretty much once a week, is changing for the better. You see, as y’all know we have a very busy schedule. Between school, soccer, and swimming we are out and about every single afternoon. Sometimes I am mom of the year and have dinner prepared and cooking so that when we return home, it is ready; but other times I am mom of the century because we swing into our neighborhood CiCi’s Pizza. Now, I will be honest and say that in the past I have gone to CiCi’s for the kids, as I know that they love the choices of pizza… but after learning about all the changes they are making, I know this will be not only the kids’ favorite place to go, but Hubby’s and mine, as well. You see, not only are they now making a better CiCi’s Pizza, but they are changing other things, as well.

Changes coming to cici'sLet me start with the pizza. The better CiCi’s Pizza will start with a zestier sauce made with crushed tomatoes and Mediterranean oregano. They are also almost doubling the amount of 100% real cheese and toppings on each pizza. Now using a spicier and thicker pepperoni, as well as a heartier sausage, the meats are top-notch. Oh and did I mention the crust yet? Their made-from-scratch crust will now be brushed with garlic butter. Nice, right? Last but not least, they are going from a 12-in pizza on the buffet table to a 14-inch pizza!

Better Cici's PizzaWow, is it just me or does that ‘new’ Better CiCi’s Pizza just look mouth-watering? HA!

Well, I was given the chance to make my own Better CiCi’s Pizza and it was so much fun. I learned all about the made-from-scratch crust and the tricks that they use to be sure the crust doesn’t bubble. Next I was able to add a bunch of sauce and so much cheese, on top of all the toppings I wanted.

The making of better CiCis pizzaMy Better CiCi’s Pizza was half black olive, a quarter sausage and pepperoni, and a quarter cheese.

making my CiCi's PizzaWhat else did I learn? Well, I learned that the Better CiCi’s Pizza’s cheese and sauce now go out further to the crust allowing only half-inch thick crust, rather than one-inch. I also learned that the folks at CiCi’s understand the importance of a good salad bar, as they have even upgraded their salad bars at select locations to include  more choices including sunflower seeds, garbanzo beans, pickle chips, and sliced beets.

Bigger and better salad barOh and don’t be surprised when you walk into your neighborhood CiCi’s pizza to find less pizzas on the buffet. You see, there are now dedicated spots on the buffet for guest favorites, such as pepperoni, sausage, veggie, and cheese… But keep in mind, you can still ask for your favorite pizza if you don’t see it!

pizza buffet at cici's

All in all, I love the changes that are being made. CiCi’s Pizza has done a great job of listening to their customers to come up with a Better CiCi’s Pizza.

A Better CiCi's Pizza



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  1. Does it really get any better than a pizza buffet? Answer: Only if the pizza gets even more awesome. I can’t wait to get to CiCi’s and pig out. YUM!

  2. I’ve never been to CiCi’s, but their pizza looks delicious. The idea of a pizza buffet is really cool to me.

  3. Stacey - Travel Blogger says:

    I’ve always loved CiCi’s. Their pizza was always good, but I’m glad to see they’ve upped their game. You really can’t beat a pizza buffet!

  4. I used to go to CiCi’s alot back in the day. This new pizza recipe certainly looks like a winner!

  5. Well, THIS is exciting! My husband and I love CiCi’s already, so this improved pizza is only going to be even more awesome.

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