This is what Nutrisystem does…

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Have you ever walked past a mirror and actually had to stop to take a double take at YOURSELF? Have you ever seen a photo and realized that you didn’t recognize yourself? Well, just the other day that happened to me. I was at dinner with some friends and went to the restroom and as I was walking out, I passed a full-length mirror. I litterally stopped and turned back around because I really didn’t even realize it was me. I thought I was looking at someone else. Someone else who I really thought looked good. This is what Nutrisystem does.

At the beginning of your Nutrisystem journey, Nutrisystem pushes you to take a good look at yourself to set your goals. Then along the way, they help anyway they can… whether you need some pushing through the chat groups, some recipes from the website, or advice from the counselor; Nutrisystem has you covered…

This is what Nutrisystem does… it takes you from who you were to the person you want to be…

Nutrisystem Week 14 update

Have you ever wondered what Nurtisystem does to help you reach your goals??

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  1. You’ve come so far. What a journey it’s been for you. I’ve really enjoyed following you during this time.

  2. You look awesome! I have a friend who lost a lot of weight on Nutrisystem, so I definitely believe it can work. Great job! 🙂

  3. You’re rocking the Nutrisystem body! Congratulations on reaching your goal!

  4. Looking good! Keep up the good work. You’ve come so far! =D

  5. I am so PROUD of you, girl! Loosing weight is HARD, no matter how you do it. Keep up the good work, foxy lady!

  6. I’ve been following your journey, and you are looking GREAT! I’m so happy for you. Keep it up! =D

  7. Stacey - Travel Blogger says:

    You look so great! Keep up the good work, hot momma! =D

  8. WOW! Way to go on losing 29 pounds. I need to lose about that much weight as well.

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