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Are you looking for the latest and greatest gift idea for that special little girl on your shopping list? If so, you need to meet Chatsters Gabby.  The interactive animated doll that will totally become your little girls newest best friend.

Chatsters GabbyThis interactive animated doll talks, dances, and even plays games. When she turns on she immediately starts talking and her eyes open and look totally real… I mean, I am not kidding, this interactive doll has so much expression in her eyes, it is crazy. HA! Within no time she begins asking questions to get to know you and even responds to your answering through the touch sensors in her glasses.

Interactive games through glasses

She recognizes 6 super fun accessories that unlock special mini games, silly jokes and even make-overs!Whether it’s eye shadow, lipstick, milkshakes or her adorable puppy Sprinkles, Gabby can’t wait to play!

Interactive Doll and her accessories

I couldn’t believe how many games and activities this interactive animated doll comes up with! Using the touch sensor on Gabby’s Glasses you can play tons of games like the cookie dunk game, the bubbles game, the hiccup game, and many more. Plus, her eyes light up in different colors depending on what she is doing. Fun, right?

Interactive Doll and her expressions

WATCH THIS short video to see why I love Chatsters Gabby and to see her play for yourself!

Chatsters Gabby Interactive Doll

Oh and did I mention that one of her accessories is a little phone? Well, when you download the Chatsters App, Gabby will text or facetime with your little one. So cool, right? And considering she has over 25 games and activities and says over 300 unique words, I am sure she is in it for the long run.

So this holiday season, why not give that special little girl in your life the interactive doll that she has been waiting for?

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  1. That’s the most adorable doll I’ve ever seen. I mean she is just the cutest thing ever.

  2. OMG! If there was ANY way at all that I could think up a good excuse to get this for myself, I’d totally do it. I love this thing.

  3. What a neat doll. I see a gift for a few little girls in my life this Christmas.

  4. Aww. That is SO cute! I love her eyes!

  5. That is just the cutest thing! Thanks for sharing this. I just crossed two children off my Christmas shopping list.

  6. I love how interactive she is. I know some little girls at church who would love to play with her.

  7. Oh that is SO cool! I really wish I’d had a girl AND a boy. I never got to get any cool stuff like this. It was always army men…

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