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How to Train Your Dragon 2 Movie Night #DragonsInsiders

As you know, Friday nights are no longer the nights Hubby and I go out partying and living it up. Instead, we huddle at home with our kids enjoying movie nights. It has become a tradition, in sorts, that the kids know that after a long week of school, soccer, and swimming, that Friday nights have become the night for us to relax with a movie and just spend time together. This past Friday we had the opportunity of having a How to Train Your Dragon … [Read more...]

How we combat shoulder and back pain…

As you know, we have a family-run home improvement company. We have had it for about five years and finally have gotten to the point where Hubby doesn't have to do all the work himself. But, he still works many eight-to-ten hour days doing manual labor. What does this mean? It means that he comes home often with aches and pains. He has had to combat shoulder and back pain for years and though medication helps, it often flares up on long … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide gifts for girls – Meet the interactive animated doll – Chatsters Gabby

Holiday Gift Guide Info -  Company - SpinMaster Toys Products - Chatsters Gabby Website - Perfect gifts for all the girls on your shopping list Are you looking for the latest and greatest gift idea for that special little girl on your shopping list? If so, you need to meet Chatsters Gabby.  The interactive animated doll that will totally become your little girls newest best friend. This interactive animated doll talks, … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts for her – Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler

Holiday Gift Guide Info - Item - Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler Website - or Perfect gift for - Women, Teens, Tweens I know that there is just someone on your holiday list who loves to look great. May she be a wife, mother, teen, or tween, this person spends time primping and curling. This is the person that you need to get the Kiss InstaWave for. The Kiss InstaWave is not just your every … [Read more...]

Get your tech questions answered on the LIVE HP Show & Tech Event

  Do you have tech questions? Are you thinking about shopping for a new laptop or printer for someone on your holiday list, but are unsure of where to start? Well, the folks from Walmart and HP can help. Join @HPShowandTech this week powered by newrow_  for a chance to ask your tech questions live on air!   The HP Show & Tech Events are so super-cool. They are LIVE video chats that you can watch and join in on, right … [Read more...]

Style your home with a Crate & Barrel gift cards Giveaway from Agent Ace

Sponsored by: Agent Ace Hosted by: Mom Powered Media Agent Ace is the new way to find the best real estate agent. When you've thought about buying a home, how did you figure out who would help you with that? Did you find someone who you felt you could trust to get you what you wanted from it, whether that was a good price on a new home or the best sale of your old one? A lot of homeowners and potential buyers will just pick a random agent from … [Read more...]

The new LG OLED TV, now available at Best Buy #HintingSeason #OLEDatBestBuy

I don't know about you but I love watching TV. There is nothing like cuddling up with Hubby or the kids, turning out the lights and watching a great movie on our huge TV. It is funny when you think about how far TV's have come since we were kids. I mean back then we were big stuff if we received a colored TV for Christmas and now we have the new  LG OLED TV with The Ultimate Display, now available at Best Buy on our  holiday wish list! Have … [Read more...]

A homemade meal & a heartwarming special on Veterans Day that you don’t want to miss…

There is something about a good ol' fashioned homemade meal that makes me smile. The cool thing is that some of my favorite ol' fashioned meals are actually from the microwave. Ha! Marie Callender's is one of my those items that I always look for in the frozen aisle. Whether I am looking for their homemade meals or desserts, I am sure to get high-quality ingredients with Marie's signature special touches that makes me want to slow down and … [Read more...]

Have you thought about long term care for your loved ones?

About seven years ago some of Hubby's family, including my Father-in-law moved to Texas. My Mother-in-Law stayed behind for a bit until everything was handled back East. About six months later, we moved to Texas, ourselves and stayed with my Father-in-law and Brother-in-law with hope that we would find our own place after things calmed down. Soon we began the search for a place to live. Hubby and I talked about apartments, townhouses, or even a … [Read more...]

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