Tools to get over a winter cold… #ChildrensMucinex

Well, it is officially that time of year. When the kids come home sneezing and coughing. With a family as large as ours and all the activities the kids do; it is inevitable. But, colds don’t have to be that bad. You see, when my kids come home showing the signs up a Winter cold I know the tools to get over a Winter cold.

tools to get over a winter cold

The first of the tools to get over a Winter cold  is a blanket… My kids like to snuggle on the couch with a warm blanket when they don’t feel well. The next tool is a medicine to combat their symptoms. I like using Mucinex Multi-Symptom Cold, to help with the symptoms of the cold.

Mucinex Multi Symptom Coldsneezing and coughingAlso I am always sure to have some warm soup, tissues, and lots of water on hand. You need to be sure that your child stays hydrated…

water and kleenexThen once comfy, set up a great movie, like FROZEN…

Frozen Movie

Then watch as your little one goes from feeling yucky to feeling better in no time. 🙂

Cold symptoms dissappateSometimes they even feel so good that they want to take their winter cold and ‘Let it Go!’

Take that cold and let it go


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What are your tips to get over a Winter Cold? What do your little ones like to do after getting over a Winter cold?


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  1. My son could really use this. He gets really nasty colds in the winter. Like nasty with a capital N.

  2. Mucinex and a ton of water is my one two combination. You gotta get that crud outta you!

  3. Mucinex is awesome. That stuff really works. It totally makes sense to have a kids’ version. Kids are snotty.

  4. I use Mucinex for the kids. They like the taste of it…

  5. We just stocked our cabinets back up after a whirlwind run of the cold and stomach bugs running around here.

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