Before you travel, sleep, or head to the dorm, be sure you are bed bug protected

So, the other evening, as we put Little Man to bed we gave him a kiss and said the same thing we say every night, “good night, sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite!” Now, we have said this for as long as I remember and for the first time I started thinking about that phrase and, of course, became obsessed with what a bed bug actually is. I found out that bed bugs are actual bugs that feed on human blood and that they can be found everywhere from dorm rooms, hotels, and even our own homes. Oh my goodness, gross, right? Thankfully, there are ways to be bed bug protected.

First off, is protecting where we sleep on a nightly basis, basically bedroom bedbug protection. Starting with the mattresses, box springs, and pillows. The best way to protect them is by encasing them in something that will keep the bedbugs out. I suggest getting mattress, pillow, and box spring encasements that offer a warranty, are Entomologist Tested, and are machine-washable.  bedbug-bxspring-encasement

For dorm room bed bug protection you will not only want to encase the mattress, but the pillowcase, and the laundry bag, as well. Think about it, since bed bugs move very easily from room to room and can crawl as far as 200 feet in one day, it’s easy to see how quickly bed bugs can spread if left unchecked. They are very crafty, and can hide in cracks in the floor, behind posters and picture frames, inside electrical outlets and of course in mattress and laundry left on the floor. The last thing you want is to get bed bugs in the laundry, only to have them transfer to the bed, or even home if your college-student brings their laundry home to wash.

dormroom_bedbug_protectionLastly, if you plan on traveling at all, you need to be protected.  Unfortunately the best way to pick up bedbugs is when traveling. They can get into your pillow or suitcase and then be transferred back home. Make sure to have bed bug protection on hand for your suit case, travel bags, pillows, and again your laundry bag.

bedbug-travel-protection_smart-buy_1All in all, whether you are at home, in a dorm, or traveling, take my advice and make sure your items are bed bug protected. It is better to be protected, then to have to treat.

Have you every thought about making sure your items are bed bug protected? Please leave a comment.


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  1. I hate the idea of beg bugs and always check hotel beds a lot before we sleep in one, I need to bring bed bug protection with me when I go to a hotel,

  2. I am always so freaked out that I am going to find one that as soon as I get to my hotel room, I am checking sheets, pillow cases and more. I even check like 2o times before laying down

  3. I think the creepiest thing about bed bugs (other than the blood sucking) is that I can’t zap ’em with Raid. Ugh!

  4. Bed bugs freak me out so bad. Just the thought of tiny little blood suckers all over me while I sleep. *shudder*

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