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Winners – Just posted Holiday Gift Guide Winners – are you a winner?

All winners are emailed but sometimes winners emails go to Junk so I also announce them in each entry form... Winners announced in the following Giveaways - click the links below  and check the entry forms... CLICK HERE to see if you won the Concave Cutting Board CLICK HERE to see if you won the 7AM enfant Prize Package CLICK HERE to see if you won the Bluetooth, Hands-free Car Kit CLICK HERE to see if you won the Jingle All the Way 2 … [Read more...]

A new camera from BestBuy makes a great gift #HintingSeason #AD

There is nothing like going to capture that fabulous holiday moment only to have a camera malfunction or better yet to have your camera take FOREVER to focus. I don't know about your kids, but I get one chance and one chance only to get that photo. This is why we are shopping for a new camera this holiday season. I am sure you know, but in case you don't Best Buy is the ultimate destination for the latest cameras to capture your holiday … [Read more...]

I face cold morning with a cup of Nescafe with Coffee-Mate #NescafeCoffeemate

Folks, it's getting cold outside. HA! Even here in Texas the temperatures have been below normal. We have even gotten our hats and gloves out from the back of the closet. But guess what? I am totally not complaining. I love the cold. I was born and raised on the East coast where we had snow and blizzards and though sometimes it was overwhelming, I miss it so much. So, when I wake in the morning and see Hubby dressed in his arctic-wear (which to … [Read more...]

The Rubber Duckie & Friends bath and shower wand helps kids LOVE to shower

Do your kids love showering and bathing?Oh my goodness, my girls are all over it. Especially since we installed the Rubber Duckie & Friends bath and shower wand! You see, I used to wash them with a hand-held shower head, but our water pressure is so hard that they complain. I was at a loss, until now. We received the Rubber Duckie & Friends Rickie the Rhino Bath and Shower Wand to try out and I wish we had found it sooner. It took … [Read more...]

Best EVER Apple Cinnamon Potato Pancakes Recipe

One of the things I love about the holidays is passing down holiday traditions from my family to my children. I have such fond memories of Christmas baking with my Mama and cooking traditional Jewish goodies with my Dad. It was such a blessing to have those moments with both of them. Now, it is my job to do the same with my kids. We have already begun the holiday baking and just the other day I began teaching my kids about some Jewish goodies, … [Read more...]

Get the top gifts of the season at Best Buy #HintingSeason

We have a lot of people to shop for each holiday season. Between the Hubby, the siblings, kids, and nephews our lists are long. This means that we have to find the perfect gifts for everyone without having to go all over town. Best Buy tends to be our one-stop-shop as we can find most of the top gifts for almost everyone on our list. I mean really... Best Buy has us covered. I can shop for all the top gifts, like an Xbox One for Hubby and … [Read more...]

I’m loving the holiday fragrance sets at Walmart & a ***G/C Giveaway***

The holidays are in full swing and I am in the shopping mood. The problem is not always knowing what to get for family members, especially those I don't know so well. Of course, the exclusive holiday fragrance gift sets at Walmart starting at $8.95, are at the top of my list, but between you and me, I am not sure which ones I should get for cousins.  Well, after answering a few quick questions on this fun quiz I took, it was recommended that I … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide – Framed wall art adds the perfect touch to any room

Holiday Gift Guide Info -  Company - Product - Framed Wall Art Shop - Perfect gifts for family We moved into our home years ago and totally rebuilt our home from the inside out. Since we put so much money into re-habing the home, we have been moving slowly on actually decorating each of the rooms. The latest room that we have been working on is our main living room. We purchased new furniture about a … [Read more...]

Woo hoo! My holiday cards are awesome… what do you think?

I am so excited. I mean, really excited because our holiday cards arrived the other day. Yup, I am one of those people who mails off cards every year and this years cards are great. It was my first year ordering from Postable. Have you heard of them? Well, not only can you order birthday, event, and holiday cards through their site, you can set up an address book and have your friends fill out their own information. No more tracking down … [Read more...]

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