Our get pampered like a rock star birthday party using a Rock Star Girl Party Kit

This was a huge month for us as not only are we celebrating the holidays we are also celebrating Little Miss’ 6th birthday. Hard to believe that my baby girl will be six soon, as I feel like she was born just yesterday. This birthday was a big one for her because she decided that she no longer wanted the princess themed parties that we have always had for her, instead she wanted a big girl party. What did that mean? Well, she wanted something that screamed that she was growing up. So, we searched for party ideas and she fell in love with a get pampered like a rock star theme using a Rock Star Girl Party Kit. Ha!

Rock Star Girl Ultimate Kit

So, we found a company that came to our home and pampered the girls with manicures, pedicures, and even makeup. Talk about great party ideas, right?

get pampered like a rock star

In between pampering the girls made their way to their ‘Rock Star’ Dining area where they were greeted with a rocked out room filled with supplies from our Rock Star Girl Party Kit.

Rock Star Birthday Party Kit

The room looked amazing and thanks to our Rock Star Girl Party Kit everything matched and looked great.

Rock Star Birthday PartyOf course we also had a rock star cake to match the Rock Star Girl Party Kit.

Rock Star Birthday Party CakeAll of the girls loved the getting pampered like a rock star theme and especially enjoyed gossiping and talking over yummy food, candy, and treats.

Rock Star Birthday Kit FunAll in all, Little Miss had a fabulous party filled with tons of laughs, giggles, pampering, food, and fun.

she was pampered like a rock star

Have you ever thought about a party theme off of a party kit, like the Rock Star Girl Party Kit?


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  1. Pedicures! I love it! That had to be so awesome for the girls.

  2. Looks like she had a great time! I would totally like to get pampered for my birthday too. Time to go make an appointment with my massage person!!

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