Today we had to say goodbye…

Hello my lovely readers… today I come to you with a very heavy heart and many, many tears. You see, today I had to say goodbye to my sweet dog Titan.

Titan was the first big gift I purchased as a surprise for Hubby about eleven years ago. It was our first Christmas together and Hubby had been talking about the miniature pinschers that he left at with his parents when he came to move in with me. So, I did my homework, found a breeder, put down a deposit on some soon-to-be born puppies and waited. About two weeks before Christmas I got the call that our puppy was ready to come home. I went to pick her up and found out that she was very sick… so instead of the little girl I had put the deposit on, the breeder offered up another pup. Titan outside 2

I brought him home and surprised Hubby with our new baby. He was so tiny and sweet he was actually afraid of Hubby and wouldn’t leave my lap. For the first week I brought him to work with me every day to keep him safe and just like that Hubby, Titan, and I became a family. We moved from MD to WVA and Titan was loving life. We had a nice size house with a huge yard that he totally owned. He was active and full of energy. He would spend all day outside chasing animals just to come in for water, food, and bed. Ha!

Once we moved to Texas things started changing. My Father-in-law decided to take over ownership of Titan and we didn’t think anything of it. At that point we had a couple new babies and new that my Father-in-law needed the companionship more than we did.

MinPin stays warm

MinPin Titan
Sweet Titan #GoodbyeTitan

Recently Titan got sick… At the Vet, we found out that it was not good. He was in really bad shape and we had two choices. Either we immediately admitted him for further testing and a long road of medications or we make the ‘other’ decision. They gave us a bunch of estimates from the first round of tests and admitting him, to how much it could cost and even the best case was way more than we could afford and our poor Titan was getting worse. We made the heart-wrenching decision to let him go.

We kept him through the holidays so that we could enjoy some last days with him.

Puppy TitanWe gave him lots of love and took lots of photos. We did not tell the kids what was happening, as I just couldn’t handle their pain on top of my own. Bad decision? I am not sure… but it is what it is. We told them that he went to live with a family that needed a loving dog. They cried a bit and already miss him, but I don’t think their pain is as much as it would have been if they knew he was forever gone, you know?

So, here we are, today is the day we had to say goodbye to our Titan and we are officially down to one pup; our Precious! In the future we will probably get a second dog, one that can be a companion to our Precious and a pup we can love… but for today, we will think only of our Titan and how much we loved him…

Have you ever had to say goodbye to a family pet? How did you move on?



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